A Fertile Potential

Who isn’t awestruck at the sight of a volcano erupting or a huge thunderstorm? We may be stunned, or afraid, yet we cannot help but be touched by the truth of our smallness in the face of nature’s forces of creation and destruction. For the Earth such natural processes are re-balancing. They can be destructive too. A lightning bolt contains up to one billion volts of electricity and reaches 200,000,000mph. It blows the mind to even consider it. Similarly volcanoes reach mind-boggling releases of energy. The Mount St Helens eruption in 1980 released 24 megatons of thermal energy, the equivalent to 1,600 Hiroshima bombs. Clearly such events can be cataclysmic, endangering lives. At the very least they’re disruptive. We cannot avoid change, much as we might like to. We are part of the cycle of life on Earth that is always moving on. Disruption is an inevitable aspect of change yet it is only one part of a whole. Eventually every phase, even the most destructive, finds its level, its stability and its harvest. For instance, the soils created through the release of volcanic lava or ash are extremely fertile. They are rich in nutrients, hold water well and are known to produce excellent wines.

So what do the natural energetic processes of our planet have to do with astrology? Given the fact that the Earth is part of a rhythmic evolving universe, they reflect our own processes of evolution. For instance, who hasn’t felt volcanic at times? Who hasn’t seen an unexpected harvest from a challenging process of change? Cycles within cycles inform and immerse our lives in differing energetic frequencies – sometimes we’re in a lull, sometimes the calm before the storm and sometimes the storm itself. Astrology gives us pointers to those rhythms. Right now a change is emerging that takes us into new spheres of growth; the focus of awakening is changing.

The planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was known in Greek mythology as the Sky God Ouranos. His partner was Gaia, the Earth. They arose from Chaos; Ouranos possessing the qualities of light, heat, purity, and omnipresence, whilst Gaia, the solid life-sustaining earth, was worshipped as the great all-nourishing Mother. Together Ouranos and Gaia created the first Gods to roam the Earth, the Titans and also a race of Giants, including the one-eyed Cyclops. This mythology gives us energetic clues to growth cycles too .. there’s more to come in just a while. Meanwhile if we go back to the astrology …the planet Uranus, is the universal equivalent of Ouranos and he’s on the move. Having travelled the fiery realms of Aries since March 2011, Uranus is now moving into Taurus, the first earth sign. As befits the Sky God, Uranus is the planet of awakening, higher mind, insight, innovation and freedom. His energy is known through sudden events and change in our lives, or natural events like lightning and volcanic eruptions. It is an awakening force that brings opportunity for change. One never knows where or when Uranus energy will erupt next.

Since March 2011 Uranus has been in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. His sojourn there has catapulted us into awakening a new sense of self – higher frequency, lighter, free (to whatever degree), courageous in being our self, individualistic and yet with the underlying knowing that we’re unified. Uranus is the planet of the collective and therefore reveals what’s growing in us personally and globally. We can see how technology has impacted our lives in the last seven years. Guess which planet rules technology? Yes, it’s Uranus. It shows us the paradox of technology with its potential to both connect and disconnect us. Uranus also rules A.I., aliens, new age therapies and conspiracy theories. It represents the minefield of the mind, open to infinite possibilities, with all the ramifications.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, the most grounded and fertile of them all. Taurus is our connection to body, earth and Earth, to the animal kingdom, to the senses and sensuality. Taurus, ruled by Venus Goddess of Love, is the Feminine in all her lush beauty. This first earth sign represents the natural abundance of the Earth with her constant potential to bring forth a harvest. Taurus is the most unmoving of all signs. It’s the stabilization of the fire of Aries new beginning. It is the anchoring of the seed in the soil. Taurus in the human realm loves security and comfort – good food and wine, beautiful surroundings, an abundance of the good things of life. It is loyal, steadfast and practical; it also likes to take its time. Imagine a cat on a velvet cushion soaking up the sun; that’s Taurus. It will protest if you move it. Taurus is similar; it doesn’t like change.

So how will steadfast Taurus fare with the influx of positively disruptive Uranian energy? Well Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. So in Taurus, the sign of material values and stability, his energy opens up the potential for enlightened values in terms of our material resources on every level - from the physical body to nature and the environment, to financial systems and property.

With Uranus in Taurus, collectively we may see:

Growth in holistic values – valuing connectivity, relating, the natural way

Overhauls of our financial and monetary systems

Innovation in supporting our environment through technology

An increase in the use of cybernetics in medicine

Body liberation – a change in perspectives on what ‘beauty’ is

Astounding originality in the arts, music and the world of fashion Revelations about other universal life forms

A return to Goddess based practices, Shamanism, valuing the wisdom of the ancient tribal peoples. The New Age is called to put its feet firmly on the ground. Walking the talk becomes essential.

Personally, Uranus in Taurus opens the potential for change in:

Money and what we value

Self esteem, giving and receiving love

Earth based values – how we as individuals must lead the way

Love & relationships. Friendships

Appreciation for the natural abundance of our lives

Our perspectives on change itself

Innovation in body image and our style, the way we look and dress

Connection to the natural world and animal kingdom

Deepening understanding that thought creates reality and all form is energy vibrating on different frequency

The shadow: attachment, accumulation and greed. The biggest questions will be around security. Where is it based?

Returning to the mythology, what might we expect to learn about Uranus’s move into Taurus, the sign of Gaia? Well after a while Uranus, who was light, began to fear the brute strength of his children the Giants who roamed the Earth. Fearing they would overthrow him he created the realm of Tartarus, the underworld, where he locked them away. Gaia, overwhelmed in grief at his actions towards their children and in pain due to their imprisonment in her body the Earth, asked her Titan sons to rid her of their father. Cronus (aka Saturn) volunteered. Gaia then created a flint sickle with which Cronus severely wounded then castrated his father. He threw his father’s severed testicles into the ocean. From them arose the foam-born Goddess of Love Aphrodite (aka Venus, ruler of Taurus). And Venus is our key and a potent guide in this new cycle. If Uranus is higher mind, Taurus the body and our Earth, Venus is the heart. The integration of mind-body-heart consciousness occurs in us personally through Venus, through love. On Earth fertility comes from the soil; in us it is born of the heart.

Uranus is in Taurus from 15 May to 6 November 2018, then back in Aries until 6 March 2019 when he fully enters Taurus until 2026.

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