Making it Happen? Letting it Happen?

As individuals each of us will have tendencies, even habits and patterns, around action and assertion. In the universe it’s Mars that rules our will, drive, intention and capacity to act (or not). Mars is the driver. Mars is the warrior energy of the zodiac. Mars is how we make things happen.

Today a friend described her energy of the last few days as ‘like wading through treacle’. This is Mars in another form. For today Mars stations retrograde (beginning to move backward from Earth perspective). When a planet slows down to station retrograde its energy becomes a focus, precisely because it’s calling our attention. With Mars the momentum of life may seem to slow down, or we may speed up in our efforts to make life happen. Either way, our drive (or lack of it) and our desire to get somewhere, is becoming a focus.

As Mars stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius today he’s in close alignment with the Moon’s South Node. The South Node represents our comfort zones, what we already know or have experienced, our patterns, habits and ways of being. Mars at the South Node brings focus to our old ways of making life happen. As Aquarius is a fixed sign, that’s also where we have a habit of sticking with our tendencies. Right now those old ways are polarised with a new potential, as Mars consort, Venus, Goddess of Love, sits opposite him close to the Moon’s North Node in Leo. Venus represents how we give, receive and enjoy life, particularly in fiery Leo. She’s about play, fun, flirting, loving, enjoying, appreciating life as it is right now. She’s about the presence and creative potential that naturally arise when we’re engaging the moment fully. With the North Node in Leo representing the qualities we need to develop, this current polarity is revealing potentials for change.

Mars is retrograde until 28 August, and doesn’t cross his retrograde shadow until 8 October. During this period he makes three exact conjunctions with the Moon’s South Node (8 June, 20 July and 26 September) opening the door for clarity, insight and transformation of outworn behaviour. This process has already begun and will now heat up. Mars being the warrior that means themes around initiating, action, assertion, determination, direction, following through and the emotions of irritation, frustration or anger. Response and reaction are also primed. Energy levels may be up and down, hyper or exhausted, reactive or apathetic. We’ll be seeing what no longer works as a way of being, along with the tendencies that no longer serve our lives or growth, our creativity and relationships. With Mars square Awakener Uranus twice during this period, revelations (perhaps shocking) are primed, as are reactions, as is the awakening they yield. This particular aspect of the Mars process began on 16 May and continues through 1 August and 18 September. What was occurring in your life around 18 May? This provides clues to the ongoing themes.

Looking at the polarity of Aquarius and Leo, where Mars and Venus sit currently with the Moon’s Nodes, we’re seeing a potential for polarization between masculine and feminine ways of being. Are you more active or reflective? Led by the higher mind or the heart, vision or love? The places we are disengaged from life may well arise during this retrograde, along with the need to be more active, playful or creative. The ways we use energy, effort or will may backfire on us. What’s your tendency? Making it happen or letting it happen? Moving with intent or flowing? Giving or receiving? This is not about changing that but about refining it, freeing up the mechanics of how you operate in a human body. It’s also about where we are still trying and struggling rather than opening to the natural ebb and flow of life.

Mars and Venus are personal planets. They’re about our humanness and how we navigate it as consciousness. They’re about how we move, act, give, receive, create and love as men and women. They’re about how we use energy. They’re about passion for life or lack of it. Interestingly, Venus, Goddess of Love, stations retrograde at 10 Scorpio on 6 October, just as Mars moves onto new territory. Her retrograde journey through Scorpio and Libra brings our focus to where we’re stuck in receiving, relating and deep loving. Our masculine/feminine ways of being are receiving an upgrade right through to December. Will you let that happen? Are you ready to let that happen? It’s only when we stop that we create space for the magic to happen. Or perhaps you need to make the magic happen by engaging life more fully? By simply taking a clear step, then letting go, taking another step then letting go? Whether struggling or simply not being bothered, whether over-exerting or going with the flow, any real change requires willingness for life, for your self, to be different. These current energies bring us all we need for change. Personal will is being transformed, to open more willingness for life to flow through us, for magic to happen, for the ongoing evolution of being fully alive as a creative human being.

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