Wired, Wild & Free

The energies over the last month have been high and yet also slowing up. It’s a weird combination and yet we’re being enabled in receiving a finer frequency and embodying it. It’s about clearer light and potentially deeper presence. It’s about understanding that we are light beings and recognising how we move as that – consciousness at play in a body - or in denser frequencies. Many clients have been feeling anxious, or exhausted, or both. We are letting go of old ways of being that no longer serve our lives and the collective. We're having to source our energy from a new place. For the self that makes life very uncertain. For the consciousness we are it is simply evolution at play. There are too many astrological aspects to go into here but there is one key energy that links everything up; that is the planet Uranus. For those interested in the astrology: Uranus rules the current Mars retrograde (active 9 June until he leaves the shadow zone on 9 October – see blog Making it Happen? Letting it Happen?), Uranus is also about to station retrograde on 7 August. He also rules the shift of Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith into Aquarius tomorrow.

So what or who is Uranus? Ruler of the air sign Aquarius, Uranus is the Sky God. He symbolises the higher mind, higher values, higher frequency. He is lightning, its effects and symbolism: the wake up to radical individuality or originality, often through breakdown or breakthrough, invention or rebellion. If we recognise Uranus was first discovered at the time of the French & American revolutions, the emancipation of slaves and the industrial revolution, we can see what his energy represents – change, freedom and evolution. Uranus in our lives often heralds sudden events that causes us to shift our inner world to a broader perspective, if we’re free enough. In truth, Uranus energy is a demand that we become free enough.

The Uranus focus right now is inward. With seven planets moving retrograde it’s an unusual period. This planetary ‘backward focus’ phase means the dynamic energy of change that Uranus represents doesn’t have anywhere to go right now, except deep inside. The focus is not about what we do but how we do it. When it appears we cannot move forward effectively, or life is moving slowly, or change appears in our lives but it’s not happening just yet, the intensity of Uranus energy builds. Hence the ‘wired’ or anxious energy so many are feeling. We know change is happening in our very cells. We are being vibrated into a finer place. The vibrations have a dual purpose: to wake us up and to shake out what no longer serves our growth. It’s like light entering a dark place; it penetrates and yet it also makes the dark look blacker. Add the current eclipses to the mix – some also ruled by Uranus - and we get a powerful dynamic of growth waking up higher frequency individuality.

Amongst this comparatively short-term shake up, two longer term shifts are taking place. Over the next year Uranus moves fully into earthy Taurus where he will stay for the next seven years. At the moment he’s dancing between fiery Aries, where he’s been for 7 years, and his new home Taurus. The dance ceases in early March 2019 when he finally rests in Taurus. Rests is probably not an apt word for Uranus but nonetheless in Taurus his work is different. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, so this is about penetrating the deeper layers of physicality and our attachments to forms of stability or security – money and physical comforts. We’re being called to find deep stability within, through the process of change itself. Our attachment to forms is being challenged. Our need to revolutionise our way of being in our bodies and on the Earth is primed. Deeper understanding of the energy behind the forms is opening. As is the synergy between how we think, how we use energy and what we create.

The second long-term shift is occurring tomorrow when Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith moves into Aquarius until 3 May 2019. Perhaps not surprisingly Awakener Uranus rules this placement too. Black Moon Lilith is both the fire and shadow in women that demands equality. In Aquarius she’s the brightest light-bearer yet also the container of the deepest shadows of disconnection. Her light is the spark of originality, connection to finest frequencies of higher mind, wired and wild; some would say, weird. Black Moon Lilith sees outside the current box, particularly collectively. In fact there is no box; all is energy, a whirling, swirling, electrifying dance of particles in the highest form of intelligence as radical consciousness. Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius is plugged in to the universal circuits. In our bodies this means potential overload, yet also magical transmutation. The energy is multi-dimensional communication and connectivity via frequency, experienced simply as knowing or being. Sensitivity is heightened as the subtle channels of the body are sparked into life by new frequencies, acting just like a cosmic lightning road. This brings us back to Uranus in Taurus, holding the capacity for us to deeply ground this energy. For without adequate ground the danger is we become over-loaded and disconnect from that which is calling us higher and deeper. This is Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius shadow – over-sensitive and off-the-wall, rebellious for the sake of it, wired, anxious, scattered and spacey - therefore disconnected from body and earth. There are no coincidences in this universal set-up. It’s the cosmic play into which we are all intricately wired and through which we are discovering our self in ever expanding ways.

As Black Moon Lilith enters Aquarius she moves towards retrograde Mars (the Warrior) and the Moon’s South Node (container of karma, old patterning and the qualities we can now move beyond). These meetings draw us into a deeper understanding of the differing masculine/feminine connections to power, how that appears and expresses within groups and on the world stage. The main theme is about ‘power over’ or ‘power with’.

The first meeting of Mars and Black Moon Lilith is 10 August. The second, with Mars moving forward, is 29 September. They are in orb of each other throughout this time period however. This is a potential to explore what power truly is and how we disconnect from it in expressing force, or through erroneous beliefs that we are powerless. Particularly highlighted are relationship inequalities, sexual and emotional connections, anger and motivation. The Aquarian tendency is to rise above, spiritualise or disconnect. Yet this aspect is calling us to engage fully. Leo North Node shows us this shift is about the true power of creative individuality and how we bring that to life in groups, in the collective or through technology (another Uranus field). We may find we’re not fully clear about what this means or enabled to move forward until the second aspect on 29 September. There is much to be uncovered meantime. Collectively we may see themes appearing around injustice, misuse of power, sexual abuse or women’s rights. Black Moon Lilith also governs what collectively is seen as taboo.Taboo is based on a belief system of judgment rather than understanding. In Aquarius the calling to break through these outmoded perceptions of right and wrong is keen. How that might look who can say? These two exact aspects are certainly unpredictable. The phase between the two conjunctions is a time for uncovering, accepting and breaking free of what holds us back from the higher calling.

Uranus represents both individual and collective awakening. Change in our relationship to our self potentially leads to higher frequency expression leads to collective shifts. Whilst going through this dynamic change right now it’s vital we learn to take care of our self at new levels. Exhaustion levels are high in many sensitives, as are radical frequency shifts. Grounding and resting need to be primary, as does any creative expression to facilitate these new energies moving through the body freely. Meditative practice, however that looks in your life, keeps the energy field clearer in the body. Holistic therapies that work with the subtle currents through the body like acupuncture and homeopathy are very supportive now, as are flower essences, essential oils and crystals. These are the gifts of the Earth to support our transitions.

Wired, wild and free can be so good when it’s held and supported in the body. Aquarius is the water-bearer of the zodiac, containing yet consciously allowing the waters of life to flow purely from frequency into form. Aquarius holds space for the creative expressive edge we’re on when entering the unknown. More than anything Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) represents the unknown. In fact, he stands for the unknowable! As Einstein reputedly said ‘The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, when the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.” Anything is possible when you keep following the thread of awakening - for you are the solution to the current challenge. These next two months reveal how that might be possible in your life and in your connection to the wider world.

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