A Brighter Mind, A Deeper Heart

The energies pouring into us since June have been a strange mix of intense but slow, leaving many of us live-wired yet with little energy or motivation, or seemingly nowhere to go with it. The purpose of this influx has been to open us up to finer frequency in both mind and heart, with the potential of embodying and living from a more conscious state of being. Focus in particular has been on the signs of Aquarius – higher mind, vision, innovation and the collective – and Leo – heart-centred individuality, creativity and self-expression. The main reason being Warrior Mars – our will, drive, motivation, self-assertive energies – is retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn, whilst Messenger Mercury – how we think, process, plan and organise or travel - has been retrograde in Leo. The recent eclipses have also been focused in these signs.

Leo and Aquarius sit opposite each other in the zodiac wheel. They operate differently, they hold dissimilar frequencies; their focus is different; they want different things from life. So in this uplifting process we’re called to explore the synergy and shadows of how they operate through our mind and heart. Questions like: what do I favour; how do I do that; what are my strengths; where do I hide or play safe; where am I denying or challenged by an aspect of my capacity for connection or expression? Retrograde planets call us to reflect, recall, re-envision, and many other ‘re’ words. They’re not doing anything to us; we’re simply receiving their energy in a different way. With both planets of movement (Mercury – mind, Mars – will and drive) travelling retrograde (plus five other planets) the ways we move in life through our vehicles of mind, will and heart have been ripe for exploration and uplift.

This process, whilst delivering finer frequency and potential has also been dredging up the shadows of these two signs. Finer frequency highlights denser frequency as it embodies. In other words, we have to make space for it, by letting go of old energies. Whether you are a sun sign Aquarius or Leo or not, you will have a focus on those signs and their shadows somewhere in your birth chart. For some this shift has been playing out in relationships, for others in their work, for others in regard to self-relating perhaps thinking and communication challenges, and so on. Now the static intensity of retrograde planets is shifting and slowly moving from deep inside into external expression. We are being enabled in moving forward with these finer frequencies in deeper conscious connection to our soul purpose. Yet like any profound shift there are stages to the process. Here’s how it unfolds:

19 August: Messenger Mercury station direct at 11 Leo. Mercury began to move forward last weekend, opening the potential for deep insight into our self-connection, self-confidence, creative expression and heart-fullness. Leo is the sign of the actor, able to step into a role and play it well. Pure Leo energy shines with confidence and loves to be seen. It’s a sign of generous heart, with a loves of sharing and leading with playful creativity. Key focus: Where are you being called to let your heart shine and step up in real self-confidence? Where are you being urged to express that in a wider sphere? It’s time for us all to step gently forward with deeper heart. Mercury remains in Leo until 6 September. He crosses his retrograde shadow on 2nd September, moving onto completely new ground. Until then there is a gathering up of understanding about events and experience from 25th July to now.

28 August: Warrior Mars stations direct at 28 Capricorn. Mars has been moving retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius since May. (For more on the themes re-visit my blogs ‘Letting it Happen, Making it Happen’ and ‘The Way You Do the Things You Do’) His station direct in Capricorn brings a major shift in mojo. Finally we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with regard to energy levels and how we may begin to move forward with renewed vigour - yet slowly steadily is the name of the game. This is no Grand Prix driver revving at the line. Mars in Capricorn moves slow but sure; he is a master builder. Mars is in exaltation (meaning his energy works well) in this earth sign of accomplishment where authenticity, quality and presence are paramount. It’s about manifestation, yet moving at a different pace to ‘normal’ due to the retrograde learning about energy levels and how to use energy wisely. Mars in Capricorn excels at discipline, grounded planning and organisation, working towards a goal. Doesn’t sound too enlivening does it? But Mars in Capricorn’s gifts lie in authenticity and presence, knowing what you stand for, making a social contribution that has tangible value. He’s where the rubber meets the road. Key focus: Where do you need more maturity or a step up in self-responsibility? What is calling for manifestation or to be lived with greater authenticity? Mars is in Capricorn until 11 September and in Aquarius moving over his retrograde shadow until 9 October. As you can see this is slow but sure process. Think long-term vision, building from the ground up, using your energies of will, drive and physicality in a new way..

6 September: Wise Elder stations direct at 2 Capricorn

Saturn is his own sign is strong. He has been retrograde since April and now moving forward will open up the next stage of learning around the qualities of response-ability, commitment, obligation or limitation. Saturn demands that we mature, take full responsibility for our lives and contribute to collective responsibility by taking a stand in the world. Capricorn is the sign of structure, organisation, practicality and timing. Being the builder of the zodiac, Saturn opens up the potential for manifestation and self-mastery, fuelled by a sense of purpose and desire to contribute to life in a meaningful way. Capricorn energy shows us how to climb the mountain of tangible achievement step by step by step. It is the journey through earth experience from personal ambition to full response-ability for creation. At its pinnacle Capricorn is the wisdom of the shaman, mastery and service in earth intelligence reaching for the stars. In this journey into wisdom Saturn in Capricorn is the Master of timing. He says ‘no but yes’ i.e. yes, when you’re ready. He teaches us the wisdom of patience for the journey and how to manifest that which is truly worthwhile. He imparts the rules – the ones we’ve taken on that are no longer real: the ‘should, must, have to or not allowed’ of conditioning - and the real ones i.e. natural and universal laws. In that he guides us to what is essential for full embodiment. Saturn in Capricorn says its time to re-define your self and your role within society with the authority of living truth. This is a deep maturing process whatever age you are. Key focus: Where is a deeper commitment required, especially through challenges? Where might you be more authentic? Where are you being asked to be more mature or to hold greater responsibility? The time of Saturn’s station direct (6 September) brings these themes up into awareness. It’s a time of renewal in terms of self-mastery. Saturn is moving forward in Capricorn until April 2019. He remains in Capricorn until December 2020

Overall this next three weeks is about renewal on a deep level. We have been called deep over the last few months, now the deep is rising. The changes that have been wrought on an inner level can start to find their place within our lives. Like ripples on a pool they move out gently from the new core of brighter mind, deeper heart that you have been creating.

Drawn to explore the potential of these shifts at a deeper level? I invite you to book an in-depth astrology consultation here

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