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Astrology expresses the flow of universal energy arriving in our lives. Sometimes it’s obvious how that energy is opening and unfolding, how it’s calling us to change and embody our true nature. Often it’s more subtle, part of a larger picture that takes time to brew and develop its full flavour. This summer’s energy has been like that – slow, tedious, challenging yet beautifully inward, insightful and transformative - with its implications and direction only beginning to emerge now as planets start to move forward.

My August blog ‘Wild Wired & Free’ gave expression to the challenge of recent energies and their potential. With its focus on the high-vibe frequency of the sign of Aquarius and its planet, Awakener Uranus, ‘tired yet wired’ is how many people have experienced its energy. Now as planets move forward to reignite the same points they moved over in retrograde motion, we’re coming to a re-emergence and uplift of those energies. ‘Wild Wired & Free’ is finding a clearer place in our consciousness perhaps?

The sign of Aquarius represents the higher mind and how we express that through individuality, in friendships and in groups. It’s where the difference of you and I finds its highest meeting point; it’s where the vision of ideal or future meets the challenge of now. Aquarius is the leading edge of innovation personally and socially. It’s the rebel energy of the zodiac ruling pioneering collaborative movements, collectives and communities. It’s where individuality finds its belonging or tribe. Aquarius is where we find a place of connection and belonging through similarity of vision, or idealism, yet paradoxically it’s where the danger of disconnection is strongest. When we get carried away on the ideal of ‘how it can be’, we may miss what’s right under our nose. Potentially we disconnect from the very quality we’re endeavouring to value – the natural connectivity of our individuality with its humanness and messy challenges.

Universal flow is strong in both Aquarius and its opposite sign Leo this year through the Moon’s Nodes. We’re being called to the evolution of higher mind and higher heart, a more fully engaged conscious participation in both individual expression, groups and alliances. Collaboration is the Aquarian way, where the convergence and difference of personal approaches, ideals, capabilities and gifts create a melting pot of potential. In Aquarius - an air sign of the mind - the ideal or the message acts as the attractor. We’re drawn by an interesting possibility, or an intriguing energy. Often this is abstract; it’s intangible; it’s energetic attraction; it’s a possibility only; it’s future but we’re drawn to reach for it. The challenge then is to live that possibility through the opportunities and challenges it brings. Friendships, groups and alliances whilst connecting us also highlight our shadow energies, the places we don’t connect, where we collude or compromise our own values for the sake of the group or the friendship. This is where the rubber meets the road, where individuality causes friction rather than connection, where the concept of working together for the common good is a nice idea but may be challenged by difference. This is where the heart-based energies of Leo are needed. Our humanness truly calls to be met in the heart. It’s where the challenge of uniqueness, individuality and connection potentially may find its meeting place.

Over the next month Warrior Mars – our will, drive, physical energy – travels with Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith – the call for equality and freedom from the dishonouring of our femaleness - and the Moon’s South Node – past, family patterns, karma - in the fixed air sign Aquarius. Both are also square to Awakener Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. The ‘wild, wired and free’ theme of August is entering its next phase. This time Warrior Mars is moving forward, enabling us to gather the energies previously opened and released, into a new dynamic way of moving through life. Mars represents how we use energy, as consciously aligned will or as force. His range runs from the stamina that can lead us to excel, to the determination that completes a valuable task, to frustration or anger run amok. His square to Uranus adds fuel to this fire. With Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith in this mix we have a huge potential and powerful force for positive change – dynamic masculine and feminine - or the danger of emotional eruptions and hotheaded outpourings. It’s all in the mix for healing. With Aquarius being a fixed sign, and its ruler Awakener Uranus also in fixed sign Taurus, resistance is a significant challenge in this process. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are maintainers not change-makers. Fixed signs hold and contain energy; that’s their gift. Yet their challenge lies in getting too cosy with the status quo, even when it’s uncomfortable. They can also explode when pushed beyond their comfortable limits by change. A key focus for us all in this phase therefore is to watch for tension building, to notice when we’re resisting and make space to pause, breathe, listen and enquire. It’s about coming into the heart and body when challenged, spun out or racing. It’s about supporting each other in engaging new potentials and moving through life with greater heart and passion for life.

Although Aquarius is the strong focus right now, the key to consciously engaging these energies lies in its opposite sign of Leo, in our hearts. Healing will always look different for each of us yet its common underlying theme is opening the places we have disconnected from the heart and our humanness. It’s about understanding that when we push, force or get carried away with future possibilities, we disconnect from what’s here now. The synergy of Aquarius and Leo is a consciously aligned mind flowing through heart-based actions. Aquarius highest expression is humanitarian. In the biggest picture this is where the reality of ‘Oneness’ held in the Aquarian ideal finds its flow. The Aquarius symbol is the water-bearer, holding the pot from which the waters of life flow down to humanity. So although its energy is expansive and innovative - the infinite nature of Big Mind - it also channels that energy for a higher purpose. Right now we’re being called to bring the Aquarian water of life down into our strongest disconnections, to engage the humanity of our self from a new place of infinite consciousness. With Aquarian ruler Uranus in Taurus making a flowing trine to Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn through this whole period we’re deeply supported in the potential for real response-ability in being and living that.

Key phases:

11 September: Warrior Mars moves into Aquarius (3 of 3 entry points), applying to his conjunction with Black Moon Lilith and square Awakener Uranus in Taurus

Events and experience from 16 May to 13 August find their next potential.

18 - 22 September: Warrior Mars exact square to Awakener Uranus in Taurus and conjunct the Moon’s South Node at 2 Aquarius (3 of 3 conjunctions) A dynamic release of past patterning that clears the deck for the emergence of the gifts of this whole period. Previous aspects on 14 June,18 July & 2 August point the way to this potential.

1 October: Warrior Mars meets Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith. A synergy of powerful masculine/feminine energies moving upward or forward. Tensions run high as this energy needs to move. The previous meeting of these two was 9 August. This aspect remains in orb until 11 October.

Re-read 'Wired, Wild & Free' for more in-depth understanding of these energies

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