Love, Sex, Money - What's the Connection?

For many of us it’s been a pretty exhausting year. To reach the deepest blessings we’ve been called deep, donned our miner’s gear and dived inward to reach the most precious jewels. For some of us that process is ongoing.

When we’re challenged with deep transformation, frustrated by life and don’t feel we have the energy to even navigate the day-to-day stuff, it’s easy to forget the simple blessings of being alive. In astrology this is where Venus Goddess of Love dwells. She’s our connection to the ‘feel good’ of life, our capacity to give and receive, to love and to value, to experience beauty and appreciation. Venus is the goddess connected with relationship, primarily intimate partnership yet also pointing us toward every aspect of love and being loved. For instance, if we are unable to receive – prime Venus territory – we’ll never experience love no matter how much is offered or given. If we don’t value our self how may we expect others to, or how may we even see that they do? Venus is the guardian of the magnetic flow of attraction and repulsion in us (see my recent Venus blog for the Silver Tent) and the indicator of our true gratitude (or lack of it) for life with all its rhythms. Unsurprisingly as the symbol of what we value, Venus is also connected to money.

Venus is calling our attention now. She’s very bright in the evening sky; Just like Mercury, planet of mind and communication, and Warrior Mars, planet of will, drive and action, have done this year, Venus is about to move retrograde. Her retrograde journey takes her into invisibility as she makes the transition from Evening Star to Morning Star. In her journey she takes us through a process of deepening love and values. Primarily that journey is about loving our self with greater consciousness through a process of questioning and reflecting on our values. Our values say much about who we are as individuals. So this time may be about a deep reflection on whether they still serve or where might they need to evolve? Yet any Venus retrograde also has to be about relating. For Venus isn’t Venus without relationship. In fact, if we look, we’ll see every part of life is relationship based, relationship being our connection to everything in life, whether that’s a thought, our self or another.

Venus’s retrograde occurs through two very different zodiac signs. between 7 August 2018 and 7 January 2019. Her retrograde dates actually are 5 October to 15 November but the whole five-month period is relevant in terms of insight into what love, and love of life, really mean to us as individuals. Let’s look at Venus’s expression in both signs to open insight into our upcoming potentials. The qualities of each sign act as a pointer to the qualities we are called to bring focus to.

Venus in Libra:

Venus is strong in her own sign Libra. She’s beauty and grace; she’s art and music; she’s peace and harmony; she’s the creator of harmony. Venus in Libra walks the middle path. She’s a connector, compromiser, collaborator, believing deeply and acting powerfully in creating win-win solutions. She’s where we are touched by beauty, where we can give way gracefully, where we can detach from feeling, reflect and consider with equanimity. As an air sign, Venus in Libra is ‘in the moment’; she shows us how to (en)lighten all our relationships to bring greater balance and harmony to our world.

Venus in Libra questions:

Where am I not appreciating myself? How might I change that?

Where is harmony needed in my life? What might I bring that to life?

What quality of love and friendship might a friend/partner/colleague be mirroring that I can consciously grow?

Venus in Libra Timing:

7 August – 9 September: opening up the themes to explore

1 – 15 November: moving retrograde – the process of change

16 November– 2 December: moving forward in renewal

Venus in Scorpio:

Venus in Scorpio is utterly different to her Libran expression. In Scorpio she’s a femme fatale: magnetic, erotic, oozing sexual or emotional power. Deeply perceptive, passionate and compelling with an edge of danger about her, Venus in Scorpio is unafraid of the depths of life. She’s drawn there, like a moth to a flame. She might be quiet, she might keep it hidden but there’s just something about her that is compelling. She knows her purpose is death and rebirth through relationships, the deeper the better. Venus in Libra can be incredibly ‘nice’ whilst Venus in Scorpio is digging the dirt, for truth and perhaps for her own use, only she will know. Her desire to penetrate every aspect of life, to discover its secrets, its mystery, majesty and meaning is second to none. Resourceful, intense, deeply honest, fully engaged and powerfully regenerative, Venus in Scorpio desires union on every level. She will give it all, navigating the deepest shadows, to experience the ultimate in loving.

Venus in Scorpio questions:

What or who do I love that I am deeply committed to? What am I passionate about? What’s calling me deeper with that?

What secrets do I hold? Where might I feel ready to view them from a deeper inclusive beyond-right-and-wrong perspective?

How’s my sexuality? Where am I holding back from what I truly desire?

What needs more trust? How’s my self-trust? How’s my trust of others?

Venus in Scorpio Timing:

10 September – 5 October: opening up the themes to explore

5 -30 October: moving retrograde – the process of change

2 December – 7 January: moving direct - renewal

Despite our exhaustion or reluctance, our ‘not again’, Venus brings us the gift of change. Don’t we all desire deeper more authentic love? For sure we do. The strange paradox is, we already are that. Venus is revealing the way to know it deeper, to be it more consciously and to live it freely. The way she plays will be different for each of us yet in the form of changing values with regard to love, sex or money, It's all the Venus flow.... the play of receiving, giving, expressing our natural abundance of life on Earth.

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