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Venus (also known as Aphrodite) Goddess of Love is our planetary guide into the qualities of attraction, magnetism and abundance. She’s about the feel good of life, how we give and receive (or when challenged where we withhold), what we attract, what we love, our values and money. Venus is the polarity to the active and fiery male Gods, receiving and absorbing the male essence, uniting all opposites in love or sexual union. When Venus is a focus our capacity to enjoy life to the full is either flowing or under transformation. And right now the nature of our perspective on and connection to love and loving is undergoing a radical shift. We’re called to uplift ourselves in love, to create new profoundly loving connections.

This cycle has a clear timing. Right now, with Venus moving retrograde, we’re undergoing a completion. Renewal is just around the corner. Here’s how it unfolds, with pointers to key awareness.

6-20th Oct - Venus station and moving retrograde: 10 – 6 Scorpio

The completion of a cycle of creative expression, love of life, relating and love. Entry into the underworld to discover what no longer has value and to unearth new gems for sharing, giving and receiving.

20-26th Oct – Venus retrograde: 6 – 3 Scorpio

The transition from old values to new ones. Venus disappears from our skies and flows towards the Sun’s light where she will be seeded with new potentials. Here she is close to the Earth so we feel her acutely. Key awareness: openness and trust of the process as new seeds are not yet visible. The calling is inward. Recognition of the whole natural cycle of conception, growth, fullness, harvest, withering and death then renewal is essential to hold the space for new life. Trust, trust, trust.. as you dive deeper inward to unearth those precious gems.

26-28 Oct – Venus retrograde: 3 -2 Scorpio

Venus meets the Sun at 3 Scorpio. Venus is invisible and close to the Earth. This is the seeding point and fertilising of new potentials for the next 584 days. Key awareness: Allow and trust intuition to flow and express. Open and be the light of love that you are even if you don’t feel it, or others aren’t expressing it. See your self as bathed in the light of the Sun, being renewed and enlightened in its rays. You may not know where current life circumstances are going but trust, trust the unfolding of this new light of your Feminine self. She will guide you as She emerges.

28 Oct to 1 Nov – Venus retrograde: 2 Scorpio to 29 Libra

This is the gestation period for the new light of your Feminine self, for new inspiration, intentions and potential. What’s invisible at the seeding point begins to open as Venus begins to emerge from the Sun’s light but is still invisible to us. Key awareness: Your feminine knowing is a guide at this time. There’s a fine line now between what’s leaving and what’s emerging. This phase is about allowing life, not personal will, to move you, and nourishing the new qualities and potentials emerging. Its about leaving the old qualities, values and ways of expression alone.

1 – 3 Nov – Venus retrograde: 29-28 Libra

The birth phase – Venus is rising with the Sun and begins to shine as Morning Star. This phase is about noticing and engaging how your Feminine fullness, capacity to give, receive, share, nourish and flow is calling to express in new ways. Key awareness: Birthing a new Feminine identity. What is life calling you towards? Where is there new light emerging in you? What is attractive and attracting you?

3 – 15 Nov – Venus retrograde: 28 - 25 Libra & station direct

Emergence: Venus as Morning Star brightness increasing. Your new connected Feminine way of being is finding its place in the world. This is the energy of Maiden – newness, moving instinctually, enjoying a new love of life, simply being you. Key awareness: Maturing your new values, inspiration and contribution to life. Stepping out and stepping up - expressing and giving your gifts to the world whilst opening and receiving the radiant light that you are. The foundation has been created; life flows in new creative expression.

The creative process of life fulfils itself through the receptivity of Feminine energy. Venus is naturally receptive. We are naturally that. Receptivity is openness. Openness is key to life forming and flowing constantly new. Look at nature; it’s a wonderful mirror for our potential. Venus in us as women is this openness, receptivity and abundant flow of potential for life. It is our nature to give, to share, to express. Allowing the flow of opening, receiving, giving is the full expression of our Feminine nature. Venus shows us that we all are the magnetic pull and abundant creative nature of the Feminine embodied as women. Our journey is to re-discover this, to claim it fully, to live it well. It will look different for each of us, but right now we are blessed with the emergence of a new cycle of living fully and loving well. It’s time to claim it.

Further blog on Venus Retrograde: Love, Sex, Money – What’s the Connection?

Note on the astrology: If you have planets at any of the Venus retrograde degrees: 10 Scorpio to 25 Libra, or indeed any planets between 0-10 or 25-29 degrees of any sign, this Venus retrograde will be profoundly opening you to specific closure and renewal in your life. Planets activated by the Venus retrograde degrees reveal where and how these energies are opening in you and your life. If you need deeper guidance I invite you to book an in-depth exploration of your unique birth-chart to unearth the gems and nourish the new light emerging into expression. Enquire here

Image: The Butterfly Lady by Ajay De

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