To What Do You Belong?

Art: Coming Home by Beverley Grant

What does a new-born baby need? It needs food, to know love and nurture, and the safety and strength of arms holding it. Given that consistently, when it needs it, that baby begins to develop a sense of its body, and the wider world, as a safe place to be. It grows a sense of belonging that expands as it matures. That sense of belonging is at the core of what it means to be human. And we’re about to take that deeper… What does this have to do with current astrological trends? Let’s discover..

Every 18 months the Nodes of the Moon – points in the universe connected to the orbits of Sun & Moon – change signs and therefore shift focus. Right now they are moving into the zodiac signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Our developmental focus is moving with the North Node into Cancer; the karmic focus is shifting with the South Node into the sign of Capricorn. These two signs of the zodiac hold the mother/father, feminine/masculine access of the zodiac. Over the next eighteen months we are called therefore to discover and explore an utterly new synergy of both, with the key focus pointing towards a full emergence and re-engagement of feminine values. The days of patriarchal perspective within us, and in the world, are numbered.

The North Node is always our focus of growth so let’s look first at the water sign of Cancer where the North Node journeys from today through to May 2020. This focus of growth in Cancer is about an uplift and evolution of feminine values (feminine energies also within men). So we’re talking about nurture and care, a sense of belonging, emotional sensitivity and intuition, our emotional connection to others and how we support them. Cancer rules our life areas of family and home. This is where most of us know our foundation and our sense of belonging perhaps? That sense of belonging may rest in physical home, partner and/or family, or it may rest in something else: our sense of self, our vocation, or to something bigger than our humanness, our connection to Spirit, the Life-force within us.

Moon-ruled Cancer governs our moods and feelings. It’s about our capacity to be in flux, to move with natural rhythms rather than schedules. It’s our capacity to feel, flow with and accept the tides of life, both high and low. It shows us how our feeling levels fluctuate and where we go to find comfort when we reach low tide. Our sense of belonging is closely linked to where we find acceptance and love, validation and support; it is strengthened through our close connections. They are there as safe space within that flow, where we can reflect, receive insight and support, feel accepted simply being our vulnerable self on a human journey. Where we belong also provides a place for affirmation of our strengths and gifts, for celebration of our successes. As individuals we may have many layers of belonging: to loved ones and physical home, to friends, to our work or purpose in the world, to our spiritual family. Our belonging is formed of connections that have meaning and value to us. Those connections may be external, in the people and aspects of life we know and love. Yet true belonging is also about creating and growing a deeper sense of self, acknowledging and relying on our own strengths and gifts, on our innate oneness with the life-force that fills us through the breath. At its core, belonging sits in a feeling connection to ‘home’ as a placeless space within, a knowing of being held in the infinite loving arms of Life, however that may look to you as an individual.

During this period of change the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn is pointing us towards what needs uplift. Capricorn is the earth sign of the wise elder. It’s about accountability, structure, organisation and responsibility; it’s about boundaries and the right use of power. More than anything Capricorn is about the integrity and dedication that is required to succeed in any endeavour, be it building a corporation, climbing a mountain or raising money for a charity. South Node in Capricorn calls us to transform outmoded concepts of duty, abuse of power and judgments of our humanness; it’s about opening and surrendering our places of control or rigidity. Capricorn ruler Saturn stands for the structure that contains flow; it’s about boundaries but can tend towards rigidity and control as a means of feeling safe. It can hold resistance to the flow, or exhaust itself in pushing the boat up river in pursuit of a worthwhile goal. Capricorn is the worker of the zodiac so this new synergy in very simple terms can be about work/life balance.

This new growth process is about the delicate balance between being active and focused, open and receptive in the game of manifestation. Although the North Node in Cancer is a growth focus, the South Node position also contains the gifts we have developed over time. It’s like a karmic bucket full of challenge yet also skills and talents. As we transform our outworn rigid self-structures it allows us access to the gifts of Capricorn energy. This is the power of the shaman or the wizard – mastery with earth energies and manifestation of the real from a place of deep integrity. For Capricorn provides us with the structure and forms through which we flow - the body being one of them. It shows us that without the river banks, the river has no direction, it simply floods the land. Without the Sun, or the gravitational pull of planets, the Moon would have no light, or orbit around the Earth. Flow and structure both have their place, in our lives and in the Universe.

The emerging synergy of these Nodal polarities is resting and flowing in the exquisite sensitivity and sweet beauty of Cancer, whilst Capricorn delivers the power and direction to live from our deepest integrity, serving humanity with our skills and wisdom. Perhaps most of all, this shift is about the ‘how’ of our approach to what we express or look after in our lives. The ‘how’ is shifting to nurture rather than goal focus and that applies to every aspect of life. It’s a deep letting go of imposition, where ‘should’ and ‘must’ open into a gentler, more natural unfolding of growth, self-expression and connectivity. This shift signals the demise of the old paradigm of the patriarchy yet also its uplift. The next 18 months calls us into the recognition and emergence of balanced, integrated feminine/ masculine and the honouring of both for their unique role on the Earth. How might that look? Care for our self, for those we love, for our Earth and its people, however that appears in your life, will reveal the way… naturally, gently, organically, with love for the process.

Focus of Release - Capricorn South Node Self definition through accomplishments or roles in the world, over-detachment or coldness, over-working, over-reaching in goal focus, self-isolation, valuing mind over feeling, ruthlessness, competition, fuelling the drive for status, rigid boundaries, the ends justify the means.

Focus of Embrace - Cancer North Node Emotional sensitivity and connection, intuition, family time, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, unconditionally loving and compassionate, home-making, growing your sense of belonging to what is of real value to you, finding and nurturing your roots, self-care, connecting from the heart, being more inclusive, welcoming, nurturing, going with the flow, natural timing.

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