Glass overflowing?

Although we’re still in the process of some planetary retrogrades (reflective energy) we are beginning to receive a taste of 2019 energetic flow right now. It’s a very different flavour to 2018!

My recent blog ‘To What Do You Belong’ opened the door to some of the 2019 potentials; this blog adds impetus to that opening shift. And it’s being powerfully activated by the Sun today. What am I speaking of? Blessing-giver Jupiter’s entry into its own sign Sagittarius, where he expands our sense of optimism, life’s natural beneficence and joy through to late 2019. Glass overflowing anyone?

When a planet enters a new sign we receive an energetic nudge. It's a subtle shift in perspective or feeling that grows as the shift is activated and expanded by other planets. On 8 November Jupiter entered Sagittarius after a 12 month sojourn in deep watery Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio has been opening us to what’s hidden within us and our collective culture: secrets and lies, manipulation and power games. It’s been about turning inwards, acknowledging our most painful wounds so that we might release the power locked within them. Think about the #metoo campaign; that’s just one example of Jupiter in Scorpio. So turning to Jupiter newly arrived in his own sign, we have an emergence of different energy. It’s much like a deep-sea diver rising up from the cold dark depths into the sunlight. And he’s bringing gifts…Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Universe. All the other planets (not including the Sun, which is a star) will fit easily inside Jupiter. So in keeping with his size, Jupiter represents abundance. These next twelve months will see us making new connections to what that means in our lives.

Key features of Jupiter in Sagittarius:

Expanding your horizons – being adventurous – travelling - opening to the bigger picture & your vision for your future – being bold

Inspiration – optimism but more than that: faith – enthusiasm – trusting the natural beneficence of life – enjoyment of life - luck – taking risks

Growth - learning through experience – the development of wisdom

Discovering meaning and new purpose in your life – taking a quest – having a mission

Expanding the mind - education – being open-minded – philosophy – finding a teacher or Guru – the spiritual path – seeing beyond

Going beyond your own boundaries - freedom and independence – liberation - being wild

Finding your joy

Shadow of Jupiter in Sagittarius:

Extremes - moving too fast - recklessness - gambling – having no boundaries – too much too soon - overindulgence

Blinded by optimism - over-reaching – trusting to luck - not doing the work or being grounded in reality - not paying attention to what’s right under your nose – ignoring the facts – promising more than can be delivered

Bluntness – being dogmatic - intolerance – exaggeration – fundamentalism – righteous anger - truth and lies


Jupiter in Sagittarius Archetypes: the hero - the guru - the missionary - the professor - the mentor – the zealot - the adventurer – the archer - the explorer - the athlete – the Grand Prix driver – the centaur – Artemis – the bohemian

Today as the Sun meets with Jupiter and Messenger Mercury in Sagittarius, Jupiter's new adventure is being activated. It's not a time for action just yet, but it's certainly a time for expansive vision and the knowing that the universal wheel is turning towards joy.

Drawn to explore where Jupiter in Sagittarius is playing in your life? I invite you to book an in-depth astrology consultation to discover your 2019 and beyond opportunities. Book in here

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