Time for Change

The first Eclipse of 2019 emerges at 01.28GMT on Sunday 6th January. It's a Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 Capricorn. This is a big shift eclipse with Awakener Uranus station direct also at 20.26GMT at 28 Aries.

This weekend's theme is karmic endings and beginnings. Time to move on and fully let go of the old self stories, to step up in self-mastery. This might be an inner surrender to a new way of being or an external move where you have been holding back necessary change. It's likely to involve both. Wise Elder Saturn & Lord of the Underworld Pluto conjunct the eclipse are an evolutionary demand. Where we're not listening, or feeling and perhaps energising resistance, events and experience this weekend in particular, will point the way to what's needed.

With the line-up of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto conjunct the Moon's South Node in Capricorn the major theme of this eclipse is 'authority'. One could say it's about 'owning it'. Capricorn is the sign of self-mastery so on some level this is a reclaiming. Wise Elder Saturn the Eclipse ruler is a gate-keeper between personal and transpersonal frequencies. He's the great teacher through what may feel like an unavoidable responsibility or even limitation, self-doubt and fear yet actually he teaches us to discern what is real and what is not, and to move with maturity towards what has integrity despite its seeming challenge. Whilst Awakener Uranus at his final station direct in fiery Aries supports our gathering up of the last seven years growth in daring to be truly authentic.

Key focus this weekend: Where might you need to grow up? Step up? Accept a challenge? Be bold and grounded in moving beyond? It could be said to be about self-motivation but actually this is a much bigger shift. It's an evolutionary step beyond the karma of this life and potentially life-times, where we are prepared to be bold yet mature, and make wise choices from the depth of Being. A sextile between Wise Elder Saturn and Mystic Neptune encourages the 'tune-in' to subtle intuition arising and a step forward in faith. As 2019 brings us a fine synergy between the mystical and the practical, going beyond the beyond and grounding, surrender and action, trust and daring, this Eclipse opens a door into how that might look in your life.

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