The Magic of Chiron

Since April 2010 the planet Chiron has been traversing Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. On 18 February he moves across the equinox point into fiery Aries. It’s the start of a new cycle.

Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer, also as Rainbow Bridge and is an anomaly when it comes to planetary bodies. It was the first of a new class of planetary bodies - the centaurs – discovered 1 November 1977. First thought to be an asteroid, then discovered to be a minor planet but behaving like a comet, Chiron’s orbit is highly eccentric. His range brings him inside the orbit of Saturn and outside the orbit of Uranus. For the purposes of astrology this has meaning. Chiron works through the realms of awakening and freedom (Uranus) and the limitations and responsibilities of our humanness (Saturn). His energy is an integrating force - higher frequency consciousness and intelligence (Uranus) and our human experience of limitation, separation and challenge (Saturn).

The play of this synergy between higher consciousness and our human realm takes place with different themes according to where Chiron travels. His journey through Pisces since 2010 has impelled us to explore the full range of Piscean energies. At its extremities Pisces represents the bliss of oneness or the dissolution that comes through addiction. It stands for compassion and its partner suffering, spiritual connection and co-dependence, surrender and avoidance. In its finest expression Pisces is no-self. It’s the knowing-living-experience that Life moves the human realm and that human realm includes a body-mind-self through which consciousness experiences itself. (Words just don’t do it when it comes to that space) We may catch glimpses of this knowing through spiritual awakening. Yet Pisces is also the no-self space of dependence, escapism, fantasy and powerlessness. It’s in the exploration and knowing of both that Chiron reveals his gifts. It’s in the embrace of spirit-soul-human that Chiron brings us evolution. His energy is the ultimate heart-opener, calling us to fully face the wound of separation and how we create it.

The astrological symbol for Chiron looks like an upside-down key. He stands for our knowing of unity and of separation. As Wounded Healer his energy is of paradox and that’s exactly what he shows us - in the places we hurt the most lies our growth, in the dilemma lies the healing, deep in the pain lies the healing balm, in our suffering lies our potential for deeper connection. Through the experience of suffering Chiron reveals our woundedness in relationship to both spirit and humanity and the gift that lies within that. He calls us to embrace both-and rather than either-or and will challenge any place we are stuck in spiritual-bypassing or victim consciousness. For the last seven years Chiron has been revealing how our lens on life creates our reality, with both its truth and its distortions. He shows us that we are both consciousness and human: we are divinity living in an animal body. In that the range of possible experience is vast, as is our perspective on that experience. We’re talking enlightened being to the most lost and confused human experience and everywhere in between. And the ultimate key of Chiron’s passage through Pisces is to live (as best we can) the spiritual knowing we’ve been blessed with - and to live that here in our very human difficulties.

As Chiron is in the final degree of Pisces right now the places we suffer, experience dilemma or powerlessness are uppermost in our consciousness. We are scraping out the bottom of the barrel when it comes to our humanness and how we face and embrace it, or not. Chiron’s key here is calling us to two ends of a spectrum - the truth is: in being human we can and do suffer. The truth also is: we are consciousness experiencing the whole thing. If that is true for you, then the place you face and embrace your humanness from is a vital key in healing and redemption. Chiron here says: ‘You may be aware of your vast true spiritual nature but how are you living? Or he might kindly ask ‘Are you playing the victim?’ Or simply ‘Where are you refusing to accept both your powerlessness and your power of change?’ Chiron’s realm is always about paradox. The base line being: we are unified yet seem to be separate. His transits always reveal where in your life that paradox is playing.

If we go back to Chiron’s orbit beyond Uranus (the awakening of finer consciousness) and towards Earth through Saturn (the challenge of our humanness and the calling to self-mastery) we can see how we grow in the same way. One day you’re connected to yourself and life, everything’s flowing, you’re moving from your deepest knowing. The next it seems like everything you touch falls apart or is challenged. In that flow is the magic of growth and embodiment. When we engage life’s process, however challenging, Chiron (as key-holder) is always present to guide and support. His message is: let go and trust. Trust your lack of being able to fix it, trust the pain you feel as a doorway to the magic. In that trust Chiron’s presence reveals the magical infinitude of possibilities that can suddenly change everything. He’s the master of synchronicity; he’s the mysterious place in you that suddenly surrenders or sees from an utterly new place; he’s the right place, right time, right individual that says exactly what you need to hear, or opens a door of change. Where do you need some magic right now? Call on Chiron. And then take the Pisces perspective: let go and trust.

As Chiron moves into Aries next week we will begin to see the emerging wisdom of the new self that’s been developing since 2010. You may be knowing that already? For Chiron is the wisdom of open-hearted availability to life’s rich array of experience. He’s the medicine that unites spirituality and humanity as a known living reality. The fire of Aries brings different challenges through Chiron’s lens but as equinox point it heralds a radical new beginning. It’s time for action! As Chiron is in Aries until 2027 there’s much more to come …

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