The Wound to Self

On 18 February minor planet Chiron moved from last sign of the zodiac Pisces across the equinox point into Aries. This week that change is activated. It’s the start of a new cycle. Chiron may be classed astronomically as a minor planet yet he’s a major player in these times of intense change. Known both as the Wounded Healer and Rainbow Bridge, Chiron guides us through the paradox and dilemmas of spirit being human. (See recent blog The Magic of Chiron for more on Chiron energy) On Wednesday the energy of his new cycle in Aries is activated by a Full Moon at 0 Libra at 02.43GMT on 21 March, with the Sun exact conjunction at 16.47GMT. Chiron’s new field of conscious growth until 2027 is actively opening now.

Aries, as first sign of the zodiac, is where the infinite possibilities of last sign Pisces take form as action. Aries is fire: the up-thrust of spring, the drive of impulse and action, the fire of passion and reaction. It’s the beginning point, the moment of decision. It’s now! Aries is the warrior energy of the zodiac, expressing as instinctual reaction, courage, focus and initiating presence. Aries is self-assertion and confidence. It’s passion and self-determination, a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to life as it’s presenting right now. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this first sign of the zodiac is the innocent ‘me-first-focus’ of a child, where no other viewpoint is possible. It’s self, the ego. With Chiron now playing in the Aries field of growth, the true purpose of ego is our new quest. For Chiron reveals where we need to pay close attention to our wound and its healing, both personally and collectively.

Chiron’s presence in fiery Aries for the next eight years will reveal to us the challenge of too much or too little Aries energy. Perhaps you can see how too much or unfocused passion may become irritation or anger? How, like an enraged toddler, impatience can run riot with a demand for my needs to be met now? Conversely too little Aries energy can express as a lack of motivation or drive, failing to initiate or giving up too easily. An absence of its warming fire and focus gives rise to a lack of self-confidence or paralysing fear. For if we don’t know we are worthy merely in being our self, how may we act to truly take care of our self? If we believe through spiritual concepts that to have ego is wrong, rather than recognising its true place as servant of consciousness, how may we act effectively for change in our lives or the world?

Chiron’s new focus - building a healthy sense of self as the agent of one’s true Being - is being energised this week. Challenges that arise will point towards the relevance of that for you. Do you need more or less fire? What’s your relationship to your will, to your desire nature? Here are some questions that may support the opening of this new chapter in you:

  • What are you passionate about? Are you acting on that?

  • What do you need to begin? When are you going to do that?

  • What’s your relationship to anger?

  • Where might you need to be more direct?

  • What requires more honesty, straightforwardness?

  • What needs courage right now?

  • Where might you need to take a risk?

  • Where do you need to be more or less self-centred?

Chiron in his role as Rainbow Bridge presents us with unavoidable dilemmas wherever he’s playing. His passage through Pisces brought us face-to-face with issues around feminine energies: the paradox of powerlessness playing out as victim consciousness and the real power of surrender, true receptivity and compassion, soulfulness and spiritual connection. His sojourn in Aries is opening us to a potential rebalancing of more masculine qualities: the confidence and assertion of a conscious and full-bodied ‘yes’ to life, the engagement of our desire nature and the drive to act, the will to risk, to begin. This is both a new beginning and a re-cycling, for we all have a self. The unfolding question is: where is that self an evolving reflection of your true nature and where is it merely a facade? However your self is expressing right now the call of Chiron in Aries is to engage it and evolve it.

To support and open your understanding of the unique emphasis of this new cycle in your life I’m offering a limited number of 30 minute ‘The Wound to Self’ consultations at the moment. Inspired? I invite you to email to book in.

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