Just a Temporary State?

When we do the same thing over and over again, one of two things happen. Either life gets very boring or we feel safe and secure. What happens for you?

As human beings we have need of stability and security. How much we need depends on our individuality, our experience, our fear and confidence levels and how much we’ve let go or healed the traumatic elements of our lives. It’s complex isn’t it? Some of us need more security than others; at some times we need it more than at other times. Some of us find change inviting or exciting, some don’t. Our relationship to security or lack of it is different according to our level of evolving consciousness. Yet if we look deeply we might see that the illusion of security is exactly that – an illusion. It’s an illusion we currently need perhaps, but how we feed it is pertinent right now. Perhaps rather than ‘illusion’ we could view security as a temporary state wherein change is always possible?

Security and what it means, is a growing theme this year. The full entry of Awakener Uranus into fixed sign Taurus until 2026 signifies a shake-up of what we consider secure. We feel security in different ways: mentally through our belief systems, emotionally through the satisfaction of our need for love, affection and belonging, and physically through what we have. This new seven-year phase focuses on the physical yet it’s true of most human beings (in the western world particularly) that if we don’t have physical security, we’re prone to becoming unsettled in other ways. Currently anywhere we’re unsettled is up for transformation isn’t it? With this current placement our reactions and responses to change are being given a makeover.

Full Moon activation

This current Full Moon sees Venus, ruler of Taurus, meeting with Uranus at 3 degrees of this earthy sign. It heralds the activation of new phase of uplifting our security consciousness. Taurus and Venus both represent the feel good of life, being comfortable (or more than comfortable) in terms of our body, and physical resources like food and money. Taurus and Venus reflect the desire nature and its manifestation through the senses, or through what we can experience physically: love and sensuality, beauty, art, music, connection to nature, money in the bank account, good food and wine, comfort and luxury, or even just the meeting of our basic needs. In its highest expression Taurus is about the enjoyment of life and deep gratitude for everything we receive. Yet every sign has its shadow. In Taurus this expresses as the desire to possess, to accumulate, and qualities such as complacency or greed. Taurus is the most fixed of the fixed signs in terms of physicality so represents where we don’t want to let go of ‘physical stuff’, where we hang on or fear loss, or where our perspective of how much we actually have becomes distorted. The polarity to accumulation is lack, or more pertinently fear of lack. And no matter how much we have it’s fear of lack that makes us hang on.

Change is a constant but human nature is good at pretending it isn’t. For it unsettles our security, or at its strongest may really challenge it. Unless we’ve instigated the change or there’s an element of control perhaps? Yet change is necessary. Without it there is stagnation; there’s no life. No matter how much we bury our heads in the sand and pretend it won’t, change will find us. Better to learn how to navigate it well perhaps? This is where Uranus’s role in Taurus comes in.

Awakener Uranus’s role

Uranus is an awakening energy. Wherever he travels life changes irrevocably, because it’s the right time for that change even if it doesn’t seem to be. Uranus energy works like a lightning bolt, through the flash of insight or inspiration that changes everything, or through an external event that potentially does the same. Uranus is about higher frequency. And we can’t be that finer vibration without letting go. As Einstein purportedly said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.’ Uranus in Taurus is about moving, especially where we’re resistant (a Taurus shadow energy) to moving. It’s about penetrating the denser layers of physicality and our deep attachments to forms of stability or security in order that we become more alive and awake. It’s about recognising, really recognising, what our attachments are actually costing us. Through this letting go process Uranus energy supports us in finding new values, new solutions, new joys. The gift arrives in discovering how to become secure in our own resourcefulness. That resourcefulness lies not in what we have but how we are, in how we respond to what is currently required.

Are we being asked to let go of security through this phase? Maybe, maybe not. Yet we are certainly being encouraged to let go of our attachment to forms of security. Forms are inherently insecure. They can and do change or disappear. Even seemingly solid objects may change over time. And other less substantial forms certainly move – money comes and goes, relationships change or die. Uranus delivers the potential for our deeper understanding of the energy behind forms. That’s his arena. And it’s the energy behind forms that has true value. What we connect with – the feel good of life – is not the form itself but the energy within the form. And we know energy is a flux. More importantly we know that the energy we bring to a form changes our experience of it. Meeting it with gratitude and wakefulness gives it value. Meeting it with familiarity, or lack of appreciation, makes it worthless. And of course, how we connect with anything is a choice we make, at some level or other.

Where we truly find security

The constant changing of forms shows us in truth the only security is within - in how we respond to change. And how do we learn to respond well to change? Through navigating the experience of change! This is the learning with Uranus in Taurus. For he represents a finer experience of being alive in our senses, enjoying the impermanence of every experience and form as it comes along. We could see Uranus in Taurus as developing a deeper stability within through the process of change itself. That brings a freedom some of us experience at this time yet many are learning. Uranus is where the unexpected happens. When that happens, if we let go of ‘how it is’ or ‘how I like it to be’ Uranus comes in with exactly the right inspiration or solution that is needed. His energy of higher mind in us has the potential to deliver instant breakthrough when we’re facing the most challenging breakdown. It’s realising and acknowledging that the magic of serendipity is at the heart of change when we let go enough to allow and receive it. We’ve all had incidents where life simply provides just what we need when we most need it, and often in the most surprising way. Isn’t that happening all the time? If I look back over my life I can see all the major changes simple arrived and I said ‘Yes’. Even if it seemed I made a decision there was a bigger picture in play. For Uranus works on the inner and the external levels, via shifts of consciousness or through events that evolve our change response capacity. To activate that leap forward we’re called to let go and trust like never before, at least in our known history. Nature shows us how to do that though; it’s very natural. It happens through the flow of the seasons. There are times of stability and times of change. It’s how we meet that flow that’s truly important.

The collective wave

Sometimes change is so big we can feel helpless to its tides. Collectively Taurus represents our relationship to our earth, as well as to our body, personal values and resources. It’s about what we give value to. If we look at our world right now we see a definite need, if not a demand, that we change our relationship to the comfort of physical security. This demand is about uplifting the status quo. We need to evolve personally - our value systems – and collectively - our cultural and organisational structures - and to evolve fast, for the sake of our earth and our children. It’s our children who are speaking up and taking action for the good of the whole. For many of them are less conditioned. They see more clearly for they are already living a finer frequency. Clearly they recognise what many of us don’t. That change is needed now! It’s no coincidence that the Extinction Rebellion campaign has grown so rapidly in these last months too. These are signs of the Uranus in Taurus energy. We’re having to face the demand of awakening our value systems to include the animal kingdom, the environment and our relationship to the Earth we live on. It’s the take our heads out of the sand moment.

The meeting point of security

Human beings are the meeting point of stability and change. We already are that! To me that is truly amazing. We have the potential to be both in the flesh and fluid. We just get caught up in solidity through what we think we own, when truly everything is on temporary loan to us. Life would be very different if we truly realised that. We know that how we respond to change – desired change and necessary change – influences the future. Uranus represents the evolution of how we respond to changing realities. The changing reality right now is big picture but is in each of our hands as small picture. We’re called to truly act resourcefully in our relationship to the Earth and environment. We can all make a difference, however small or insignificant it may seem. This is not a choice; with Uranus in Taurus it becomes a demand. And it’s personal to each of us.

In many ways this is a return to Feminine values - an awakening of the Earth Mother energy as reality. Taurus ruler is Venus Goddess of Love, so in this phase we are asked to take radical steps to harmonise and truly appreciate our relationships on the biggest scale, from our relationship to our self, to our value systems, to others, to the animal kingdom and most of all, to the environment. Taurus brings us the personal element; Uranus delivers the impersonal or collective. Einstein again says it beautifully: ‘A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience our selves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty...We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.’

If you’re asking what can I do to engage this process consciously, here are just a few suggestions:

Key qualities of Uranus in Taurus:

Body consciousness – nurturing – slowing down – resting – time in nature

New levels of self-sustaining – consuming less – cultivating deep appreciation for life’s simple blessings

Celebrating beauty in uniqueness – engaging in creativity/music/art/writing for its own sake

Questioning your value system – living in simpler ways – supporting green business – conscious consumerism – regularly clearing out

Growing security in change – stability as an inside job – growing self sufficiency on every level – leaving the ‘9 to 5’ – being entrepreneurial

Financial innovation - wise and ethical investing – alternative currencies – trading & barter

Environmental activism – animal rights – organic farming – alternative technologies

Women’s rights – awakening and nurturing the Feminine perspective

Shadow qualities of Uranus in Taurus:

Holding on to comfort zones – stubbornness – refusing to change - stagnation

Bigotry – fear of difference – fear of change

Over-indulgence – using food, sex, physical comfort, as a bypass to being more real

Attachment to money or ‘stuff’ – wealth over worth – being possessive – holding more than is needed

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