A Wider Landscape

Have you ever wondered why the ebb and flow of waves on a beach is so compelling? Certainly the sight of waves rolling in is beautiful; it’s rhythmic and calming. Yet perhaps we’re also getting a sense of something beyond our own lives with their everyday challenges? The rhythm of waves helps us relax, let go and find new perspective. Natural processes of life often tune us in to our bigger picture. Sometimes they invite us, sometimes challenge. They can also be mirrors for the growth processes that we’re always involved in whether we know it or not.

Think about waves. There’s an ebb and flow; then there’s a disappearing back into the ocean. Just as on the shoreline, the natural forces of expansion, contraction and dissolution are constantly at play in our lives. They occur internally in terms of our confidence levels, emotions and moods, ideas, willpower and physical energy. Externally they appear through the flux of changeability in our lives, our experience and response or reaction to it. We flow between the forces of openness and expansion, closure/control and contraction, and dissolution every day. We awake; we open and perhaps we expand (albeit unwillingly sometimes), certainly we move; we flow or struggle through the day; then at night we dissolve into sleep. This is the human rhythm of life, whether through a day or a lifetime. Nature operates similarly through the seasons – moving from the quiet of winter to vibrant expansion to fullness into letting go and dissolution once more - as does our experience of the sun in its journey through our day.

What this year's processes reveal

Throughout this year three planets are strongly placed to mirror the processes of expansion, contraction and dissolution in our lives. All three are strong in their own signs and through this year will meet in different aspects to each other and the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes represent where we’re coming from, with the need to let go of old patterning, and where we’re being called to develop. Together the energies of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Nodes permeate the year with a karmic opportunity to deeply let go and grow. It’s a rich potent opportunity to explore in your life what’s expanding, what’s contracting or closing and what’s dissolving. It’s an opening into a wider landscape for your life. It’s a real opportunity to ground and manifest the deeper soulful aspects of your true self - a doorway in grounding not just the mystical, numinous aspects of self but in bringing full consciousness to life in the everyday aspects of your life. Let’s look at each planet in turn to see how that might look.

The Focus

Blessing-giver Jupiter in Sagittarius (the expansion or growth point): the development of wisdom through experience; taking risks to go beyond ‘the norm’ and grow; changing your life philosophy; the path of trust.

Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn (the contraction or grounding): taking full responsibility for your role as creator of your life; taking practical steps to build and manifest what’s of true worth; maturity; authenticity and integrity

Mystic Neptune in Pisces (the dissolution or letting go point): consciously relinquishing control; opening and receiving the soul’s impulse or the hand of grace; willingness to allow process, gentleness within it; soul and spirit connection

Depending on our individuality, the synergy of these three planets will inspire, compel or invite us towards the growth we most need and deeper awakened consciousness. Through their process we will see the landscape of our lives changing, sometimes quickly, sometimes slow and sure. Knowing what you’re choosing and its rightness at any one time (and it is a choice) is wisdom. Knowing what you’re choosing brings power for change. In this synergy we have the opportunity to expand meeting the necessity to ground or take action and the calling to let go of how that unfolds. The timing and strength of these three planetary placements, along with their ongoing relationship with each other and the Moon’s Nodes, dictates what questions, opportunities or challenges are uppermost in our consciousness in any given period. Here’s a brief over-view for the rest of the year.

The Process

Longer term periods for awareness:

30 April – 28 September

Wise Elder Saturn travelling with the Moon’s South Node

Where am I being rigid, controlling, or too hard on my self or others? What might I need to do to transform that?

Where might I need a more mature approach?

Where might I need to take more responsibility?

22 May to mid-September

Mystic Neptune trine the Moon’s North Node in Cancer

Where is my soul calling me? Might I need to listen deeper?

What is calling for tenderness or nurture?

Where might I grow a truer emotional connection or belonging?

Short term more intense periods for awareness

14 – 24 June

Jupiter square Neptune 16 June (2 of 3), Saturn sextile Neptune 18 June (2 of 3), Neptune station retrograde 21 June + minor aspects

Where have I over-extended & what might I do about that?

Where might I be fantasizing, not seeing what’s really real?

What is finished? What needs to go? Internally? Externally?

Early to end August

Jupiter station direct on 11 August & semi-sextile Saturn 19 August

What new direction or next stage expansion is calling?

What action is needed to ground a wider landscape in my life?

What new beliefs do I need to cultivate?

September – all month

Saturn station direct 18 September, Jupiter square Neptune (final) 21 September, Saturn opposes North Node 28 September + other minor aspects

What’s realistic but not fear based?

Where might the right balance lie for me re trust in life’s processes and my responsibility? What might restore my faith?

Where might I be holding back? Over-extending? Deluding myself?

8 November to 2 December

Final Saturn sextile Neptune 8 November, Neptune station direct on 27 November, Jupiter in Capricorn 2 December

How does ‘living my dream’ look in my life?

What contribution am I making to collective consciousness?

How have I grown during this year?

For each individual these themes will appear in different life areas according to the astrological birth-chart. If you are drawn to explore these themes at a deep level, to discover how they’re operating in your life, I invite you to book an in-depth ‘Wider Landscape’ astrology consultation here.

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