Saying Yes? Saying No?

Saying yes and saying no are part of our everyday experience. Most days we don’t consider where the response comes from. We just respond. After all most of the daily choices we make aren’t life changing. We choose what works for who we are and where our life is right now. Or we choose in alignment with a bigger vision. Sometimes our ‘yes‘ or ‘no’ can simply be a habit.

As we grow in consciousness recognising the place we choose from is essential. We choose our ‘yes‘ or ‘no’ for a multitude of reasons. Those reasons are an indicator of our true values. For example, when faced with an opportunity we might say ‘yes’ through inspiration or excitement – the opportunity aligns with our growing values. Or we might say ’no’ because it’s not appealing, it doesn’t quite fit, or we have fear to step out of our comfort zones. When faced with a challenge we might rise to meet it, we might fight to change ‘what is’, or we may try to avoid it. Our responses are keys to how we meet life with its flow of constant change, and how we navigate our relationships. And it's not just verbal responses that are revelatory. The 'yes' or 'no' or our actions is equally telling. Do we dig in hoping life’s changes won’t find us? Do we hold back, doubting our capacity to respond effectively? Do we over-extend our self and then run out of energy or resources? Both the similarity and diversity of our responses provide clues to where we’re evolving and where we’re sleep walking. Exploring and understanding our responses, particularly when we’re under pressure, supports our growing self-understanding.

Bigger choices

At times we’re faced with bigger life questions, choices and challenges that make us pause and reflect on a response. Or the pressure of life is so great we become reactive. In reaction, if we’re wise, we recognise our trigger points have been activated. We may have to pause, give our self space, dig deep to find what’s really happening and respond differently. And of course what’s really happening is what’s always happening – the opportunity for change and growth is upon us. The universal flow provides the energy. Life circumstances and our relationships provide the opportunity.

We’re coming up to an intense and dynamic period of potential change over this next couple of weeks. Here’s the astrology. Multiple oppositions between water sign Cancer and earth sign Capricorn between 14 and 20 June amping up the pressure - Mercury, Mars, Juno & the Moon’s North Node in Cancer opposing Saturn, Pluto and the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn. Mid-way through that period on 17 June there’s the Full Moon at 25 Sagittarius. These shorter terms aspects are held within the year long framework of Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune (peaking exact January, June & September to November), along with Neptune station retrograde on the Solstice. It’s a complex mix that we’ll be receiving uniquely according to our astrological birth-chart, yet there are common themes to the energies.

Key themes to explore:

  • Cultivating togetherness whilst standing in one’s authenticity

  • Child and parent patterns

  • Accepting responsibility & boundaries as a learning tool

  • Breaking free of one’s own control or restrictions

  • Mature responses

  • Others as the mirror of self

  • Compassion or tough love? Tough love with compassion as a mature response

  • Truth-telling with empathy

  • Right use of mind

  • Taking life or others too personally. Feeding emotion or victim consciousness

  • Openness & vulnerability

  • The choiceless choice. Drawn to do this or have to do this? Both have value

Key supports:

  • Stop! Creating space in the midst of chaos

  • Facing ‘what is’ directly

  • Feeling is healing

  • Letting go control

  • Life as growth process

  • Breathe

  • Spiritual practice

  • Intuition

  • Conscious communication

  • Forgiveness

  • Self-loving behaviour

  • Understanding humanness from the bigger picture of evolutionary process

This is not an easy few weeks. At core, this is about power, its use and abuse, and the discovery of where we source the power to be our self - from integrity or powerlessness. Your ‘yes’ or your ‘no’ is a key that unlocks greater consciousness in your life and relationships. Noticing it, even in the smallest ways, opens the way for healthy change in all aspects of life.

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