What Do You Trust?

'Trust is possible only if first you trust in yourself. If you trust in yourself you can trust in existence. If you don’t trust yourself no other trust is possible. …… Trust is a real rose. It has roots and roots go deep into your heart and into your being. Belief is just in the head. Trust is in the heart, in your deeper world of being…. And it goes on growing because it has roots. It never remains static; it is dynamic; it is a living force. It goes on growing new foliage, new flowers, new branches.’ Osho

The upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse (think live-wired Full Moon) is at 22.38BST 16 July at 24 Capricorn. The astrological aspects are strong and point us towards a transformation of where we give power. The signs of Capricorn and Cancer are highlighted. These two signs are relevant to us all in different ways, depending on where they sit in the individual birth-chart. Yet in their archetypal energy they relate to mother/father, nurture/authority, emotional connection/boundaries, inner world/external and home/work life.

Eclipses are always game-changers. They bring us experience or insight that awakens. The current planetary activity in these signs is about power. It points us towards where we give over power to old beliefs and life constructs. Those beliefs are mental/emotional constructs such as ‘I can’t’; ‘I should’; ‘I’m this or that”: ‘If I do this, that will happen’ and so on. You know, the stories you tell your self? The particular focus on these constructs right now is about the influence of external authority figures and how that external influence has led to internal belief. Who might that be in your life? The boss, the doctor, parents or partner? Or maybe it’s one of the collective systems? Governmental, education, the bank? These eclipse energies support us in pinpointing what we have given authority to. They reveal where we need to reclaim integrity i.e. where we may feel powerlessness or at the very least ineffective in a certain aspect of life. They also show us where we might need to step up in response-ability.

We have been taking on beliefs about our self and our lives since birth. Belief is fundamental to the framework of our lives as human beings. Yet our belief systems are meant to be fluid. As we mature they are meant to mature also. As we claim the inner integrity that develops through experience – integrity being the knowing of our own value systems and the capacity to live from them - the potential is we drop the beliefs we’ve taken on from others. Yet inevitably there are places we remain stuck in self-perspective or life expression that’s no longer relevant. It happens where we still believe internally what ‘we’ve been told’ by others, where we’ve self-judged through feeling we’ve failed or have got it ‘wrong’, and in so many other ways. Where we’re feeling stuck, albeit challenging, is always where the growth lies. It’s a constant calling towards the risk of greater integrity and response-ability. Yet in truth that risk is only ever to our old beliefs.

When we live with integrity we are in alignment; we are authentic. Being authentic means being strong in what we know to be true deep inside. Yet it’s not always an easy path. Living authentically almost always means being vulnerable. When we step into a new level of integrity we are shaky inside. We may fear the response of others. We don’t know how we’ll be received or what will happen. But do we ever? Authenticity requires our courage and strength. Vulnerability requires our self-kindness and tenderness. The combination is naturally empowering. And right now this synergy of authenticity and vulnerability is exactly what we are being encouraged to nurture. It’s about trusting our self enough to let go our old beliefs; to trust that we have the inner resources to navigate life as it unfolds - even if we are uncertain; even if we feel insecure, especially if we feel vulnerable. Vulnerability is about openness. In openness we are naturally connected to ‘the more’ of who we truly are beyond our beliefs, to our always-new possibility. Beliefs might keep us feeling psychologically safe or secure yet they also limit us to what we already know. True aliveness always arises in what we don’t already know! It arises through simply stepping out.

Whether we like it or not, we are all in an evolutionary process. Growth can be uncomfortable yet the process has a natural integrity to it when we engage it. Being fully alive is uncomfortable at times. Trusting oneself, the deepest place in oneself, is essential. Without that what do we have? We may have a sense of belonging elsewhere, through our relationships, work or family, and those are naturally valuable but without the deep tap root of self trust those can and probably will be rocked. With deep self trust we have a sense of belonging that will carry us through the challenges of growth. This current growth process is about discovering that new sense of belonging. A deeper, more integral sense of belonging that arises from self-trust. Where might you need to trust yourself more? Where do you need to step out of the comfort zone of your old beliefs? This eclipse may show you.

Are you inspired to explore the themes in this blog as related to your life and evolutionary path? Then I invite you to book in for an in-depth astrology consultation here.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse aspects The Sun in Cancer opposing the Moon with Pluto in Capricorn. Eclipse ruler Saturn conjunct the Moon’s South Node opposing Venus with the Moon’s North Node. A Yod (Finger of Fate aspect) to Jupiter in Sagittarius from Venus with the North Node in Cancer and Vesta in Taurus.

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