New Beginnings

We’re coming to a second New Year as what’s been a foundational month of July ends. After plumbing the deep waters of our own and other’s needs, reflecting on our emotional connections and dredging the past for insight, a new fire of inspiration is igniting. You may not feel it just yet but August sees this light growing brighter within, with a real potential for expressing dynamically in our lives. This wave of new potential has two distinct stages. By mid-month we’ll be riding it.

The first wave of changing energies arrives on 1 August with the New Moon in Leo. This Moon is always a shift in inspiration and enthusiasm. It emerges at 8 Leo at 04.12BST. Goddess of Love Venus sits with this arising Moon creating a wonderful Grand Fire Trine. It’s an aspect that ignites our passions, renewing the promise of hope that has been a challenge to find through July. Goddess of Love Venus makes an exact conjunction with the Sun on 14 August, travelling with the star of our universe almost to month end. There’s more to come on that but let’s say it’s about loving creative expression. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the heart sign of the zodiac. It’s where we discover our capacity to give and to lead, to express our passion and to create fulfilment. Leo’s focus is ‘enjoy’. A good question at this beginning point is therefore: What am I inspired to create and enjoy?

Less than an hour after the arising New Moon, Messenger Mercury, retrograde since 6 July, stations direct at 23 Cancer at 04.58. Mercury’s journey through Cancer has opened deeper understanding of what we need, what’s vital emotionally and in self-care. As the energies shift at the station direct we often receive key insights or experience that relates to the whole retrograde journey. It’s now time to put that deepening understanding into practice, gently. Mercury remains in Cancer until 11 August so our new beginnings here may be tentative at first. Often there’s vulnerability about stepping up. As we’re called to move beyond our old beliefs and habits sometimes it seems they get stronger. That’s an illusion. It’s simply that there’s more focus on the bridge between ‘old and new’. We have choice about what we engage with. This new beginning period is to simply keep stepping forward with self-kindness, encouragement and generosity of spirit.

Our next key date in this uplift is 11 August with three major energy shifts occurring. It’s a powerhouse date. Firstly Blessing-giver Jupiter stations direct at 14.37BST at 14 Sagittarius. This aspect is like a rocket boost to our feel-good. Jupiter takes a while to get moving but it’s an expansive new beginning with whatever you’ve been growing in your life since early November 2018 and re-visioning since early April. Jupiter’s remaining journey through Sagittarius (until early December) is about wise expansion.

The next 11 August shift is at 20.45BST when Messenger Mercury movies into Leo. This brings all the personal planets (apart from the Moon) into Leo until 18 August. This is definitely the week for full engagement of new potentials arising. Then, completing the initiation of this new phase, at 03.27am on 12 August Awakener Uranus stations retrograde at 6 Taurus. Uranus long-term sojourn in Taurus is about the awakening of new values both personally and collectively. Our connection to our bodies, nature, money, the environment, are all a focus. As Uranus stations retrograde (and a week or so before) we reach a positive crisis point in any of these areas - positive meaning we are empowered to ‘do something’, to engage and take action where we’ve been stuck, too comfortable, or ‘me’ focused.

This period 1 – 12 August is just the beginning of a new phase. In the natural cycle of the zodiac the shift from Cancer to Leo is about stepping out from our roots, our foundational sense of self, into full heart expression. The fire of this new beginning then moves from fire into earthy Virgo where we discover how the gift of our heart expression serves more than our own enjoyment and creativity. There’s much more to come on this later in August. With Venus travelling with the Sun until month end, we are blessed not only with new beginnings but also the wisdom to earth them well.

These incoming energies will be activated in you in a particular area of life. Viewed through the lens of your birth-chart this becomes clear, allowing you to fully engage them with insight, wisdom and ease. Key focus are the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius but all zodiac signs are receiving these potent energies in different ways. Inspired to explore where your new focus might be? I invite you to book a 'New Beginnings' in-depth astrology consultation here.

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