Keys to Natural Growth

What are you being called to surrender this year? What are you letting go in order to make way for natural growth?

The links between letting go and expansion are not necessarily recognised in our western collective culture. It places inordinate value on expansion without understanding there is always a cost. We are seeing the cost right now in so many ways are we not? Yet the guidance to a naturally abundant way of living is readily available. It’s always available, if we choose to look and listen. For the Earth herself reveals it. Her natural cycles of growth and decay show how we live in cycles within cycles. Some cycles are earthbound, some universal. Through astrology and other natural or esoteric systems the gifts of these cycles, large and small, become apparent.

In astrology the asteroid Earth Mother Ceres supports our understanding and connection to the seasonal cycle of the earth and those of our lives. She reveals to us how each aspect of the cycle bears gifts, if we let go into it. Her astrology and mythology demonstrate that there’s a time for abundance and a time for grieving; there’s a time of death and a time of new life. Ceres shows us that surrender is a truly valuable aspect of our nature we need to engage fully. Her placement this year reveals the intricate link between letting go and growth.

As human beings we like to feel good. That’s natural we would say perhaps? But is it? Avoidance of feeling anything other than good is endemic in our culture. Yet there are gifts available through each part of a spiral of growth. When we give value to the entire natural cycle as revealed by Mother Nature we live in greater harmony. We can enjoy the uprising of spring, the pleasure of summer, the abundance of late summer, the gathering and letting go of autumn and the quiet replenishment of winter. Yet do we? We can learn from the occasional big storm, extended rainy season or interminable heat wave. For each is a mirror of how we respond or react to what’s beyond our control.

Patriarchy has taught us to value the constant pursuit of more through external goals. That demand for more has subtly infiltrated our spiritual journeys too, whereas connection to the Earth cycles, the feminine way, brings deep understanding of the cost of excess. We understand it cannot be sustained. When we flow with the natural flow of life, the feminine way, we become deeply rooted in what has true value. Rather than chasing the next feel-good, or the plastic of consumerism, we soften into our innate connection with whatever is taking place. When we are earth-connected we open to the implications of all we do. To live in this way births humility, deep appreciation for the simple gifts of life, and a natural feel-good that cannot be bought or earned. We know and consciously begin to embody the understanding that every aspect of a cycle is a teacher and guide. As we shift in to fuller acceptance of exactly-what-is-happening-right-now-as-it-is so ‘feeling good’ gives way to ‘what is’. Action arises from greater reality then, rather than from an agenda. In this way we begin to know the potential gift of all the seasons of life, from the wondrous natural abundance of summer to the quiet deadness of winter, from the joyful uprising of spring’s promise to the sadness of autumn.

Through this year (January to early December) Earth Mother Ceres and Jupiter have been travelling together in the fire sign Sagittarius. They meet only once exactly, on 25th October. What is this journey through Sagittarius revealing to us? It displays a synergy of natural growth, surrender and opportunity, if we only understand the principles.

Sagittarius is where we expand. Jupiter is its ruler so the desire to expand and grow is very strong this year. A fire planet in its own fire sign means the drive to experience more is strong. In Sagittarius we want to discover, to know more, to grow more, to travel, to reach for the stars. In Sagittarius this desire to travel is not necessarily to accumulate, it’s about discovering the truth, revealing deeper meaning, broadening our life philosophy, finding deeper purpose. The Sagittarian arrow points outward, beyond the horizon, beyond what we can currently see and know. It’s the quest and with this strong placement of Jupiter in its own sign it can be relentless, the calling for more more more. It can burn us out and leave us dry. Without the feminine understanding of the natural cycles held by Ceres we wilt. Without fulfilling our responsibility for care-taking our bodies and the earth it can be destructive.

Ceres in Sagittarius teaches us about how and where we over-extend and where letting go is a natural requirement of being fully alive. Where we fail to acknowledge the feminine aspect of care-taking is where we lack consciousness. We see the legacy of this lack currently in the Amazon fires. Sagittarius is fire energy without boundaries - it's the forest fire. the forest fire burns for a reason, to renew. Yet it can be destructive, especially when humans interfere in the natural rhythms. The purpose of Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius could be seen as the demand we explore the meaning of what we are doing. It’s so clear to those who are willing to look. If we’re not deeply rooted in knowing and living in harmony with the Earth and its natural cycles destruction is inevitable. It is nature’s answer to our lack of letting go when we need to. It is nature’s calling for us to reconnect to our own natural rhythms. It’s a demand to cultivate deep appreciation for the Earth and our responsibility for what we are doing.

We are all responsible for what happens on this earth. We all contribute to what happens collectively. This is where understanding of collective consciousness is incredibly powerful. Everything we do as individuals contributes to what takes place collectively. We either live in pursuit of more, more, more and endless feel-good. Or we understand the cost of that and live accordingly. We let go when we need to. This does not mean we are limited. It simply means to expand our understanding of the natural cycle, on every level.

Nature shows us everything renews – in right time. Growth is as inevitable as decline. Decline makes way for regeneration…. the wheel of life turns. In our human lives, particularly now, we have the opportunity to birth the knowing that the cycle has a rhythm, yet many expressions. Each day brings us a fresh spring to winter cycle does it not? The capacity for surrender and renewal happens also in an instant does it not?

What are you being called to surrender this year in order to make way for deeper meaning in your life? Where are you being called to let go in order to grow?

It could be as simple as a belief.

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