The Many Faces of Trust

What do you trust? Who do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Do you trust life? Do you trust life’s constant movement towards renewal?

These vital questions are becoming uppermost in our lives as we face unprecedented change both personally and collectively. Upcoming astrology through to year-end supports our exploration of these fundamental aspects to our lives. Our deepening understanding is vital as we approach the strong aspect patterns of 2020.

There are three planets opening up ‘trust’ questions in our lives throughout 2019; they are all strongly placed in their own zodiac signs. These powerful alignments call us towards deeper understanding of what higher frequency embodiment looks like this year. In other words: the potential for uplifting how we live in response to the chaos of change we’re facing. Let’s look at each of these planets in turn, with their different potentials and shadows, especially as regards trust.

Blessing-giver Jupiter (this year in his own sign Sagittarius) is the largest planet in our universe. His size emphasises the nature of his energy – generous, expansive, big picture orientated, with faith in life’s natural beneficence. In his own sign fiery Sagittarius Jupiter is life in the fast lane, moving with spontaneity, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. This year our sense of adventure and vision is magnified, with the desire to stretch the limits, through speed or beyond any boundary. Through the journey, through experience and its fulfilment, we discover deeper self-understanding, a broader life meaning. This is Jupiter’s quest. Jupiter’s trust expresses as trust in our capacity to expand beyond our limitations. It’s about faith that we know the way, or if we don’t that we’ll be shown through the journey. ‘Knowing the way’ in Sagittarius comes from aligning with the bigger picture represented by the beliefs that come from our religion, faith or life philosophy. Jupiter’s expression of trust is about confidence in the journey, that experience will grow us. It’s about life as a process of learning and discovery, that we’ll develop wisdom from our experience.

Jupiter stands for growth; its energy is naturally expansive. It’s the joyful exuberant ‘I can do this!’ response to life. Yet Jupiter's shadow can represent extremes: getting carried away, ignoring the obvious or the arrogance of overblown optimism. Jupiter’s fiery arrow of direction, in its shadow energy, can crash and burn. We are faced with the reality of our human limitation, perhaps when we least want to. Jupiter is joined by Earth Mother Ceres this year, exact conjunction on 25 October - see my recent blog ‘Keys to Natural Growth’ for more on this synergy. Ceres brings an awareness of natural earthbound rhythms to Jupiter’s exuberance. She particularly calls us to body, Earth and environmental awareness. This year’s Jupiter extremes are also channelled, perhaps challenged, by our next planet Saturn.

Second of our three planets strong in their own signs this year is Wise Elder Saturn in earthy Capricorn. Saturn is a teacher planet in that he provides the containment of reality, a boundary or the challenge that brings us back to actuality. Saturn stands for the truth of our human reality, integrity, authority and the practical. Where Jupiter can ‘trust to luck’ when faced with paying the bills, Saturn is holding the responsibility to pay them. He’s where the rubber meets the road, vision meets the plan and spirit meets the limitation of a body-mind. Saturn shows us where there are laws and rules, either personal or cultural. It’s where the responsibility has to be met, the karma finds the appropriate bucket or vision finds its landing place. It’s where we walk the walk, or face the consequence. Saturn’s expression of trust lies in faith in our own capacities: to meet what we’re responsible for, to endure, achieve and succeed. It lies in our willingness to face practical earthbound realities, to take on what is needed for our own maturity.

Saturn’s shadow energies express through an imbalance in responsibility, through the need to achieve, manage or control. Or it expresses through holding our self back through fear, self-doubt and the repression of our natural life force. Saturn represents where accountability can become duty, ‘should’, harshness, ruthlessness, or abuse of power. It’s also where we feel we can’t say a clear ‘Yes!’ or ‘No’, because we feel bound by our ideas of right and wrong, or what we been taught through conditioning. Saturn is about boundaries, healthy or otherwise. His placement is extra-potent this year as he travels with the Moon’s South Node, meeting this point exactly three times. The South Node is what we might call the bucket of karma. It represents what we are called to take responsibility for in life, what we do and how we do it. We can see this imperative operating collectively right now, and its avoidance - this will get even stronger next year - but what about personally? Where are you being called to step up in responsibility for your life? Or perhaps the personal challenge is in letting go control, fears or doubts, or holding yourself back?

Mystic Neptune is the third of our ‘trust’ planets, strong in his own watery sign Pisces. Neptune represents the ocean of consciousness and its soul calling, the vast spacious loving nature of compassion, unconditional love, our already-always-present state of being as spirit. Neptune encompasses qualities such as surrender, flow, transcendence and renunciation. It stands for inspiration and imagination. Like Jupiter, Neptune calls us beyond current experience. Yet unlike fiery Jupiter the inspiration of Neptune arises from a merging, melting or dissolution. It’s a letting go of self. Neptune’s trust is the trust in the ‘Unknowable’, in the beneficence of life, its magic and mystery. That in surrender to not knowing, to now having the answers, in being vulnerable to life’s constant changes, we are always held and that somehow a solution to our dilemma will arise. Neptune trust aligns with the humility of both our smallness as a human being and our vast potential as Being.

Neptune’s shadow arises when we check out, when we spiritualise or escape the confines of a body simply because it’s too much. It’s the potential to bliss out or go numb. It’s the allure of alcohol, drugs or addiction. In relating, Neptune’s calling to harmony and sweet unity may express through lack of boundaries. It’s a fine line between surrender into the bliss of loving and the challenge of co-dependence. Neptune’s shadow is based around confusion, escapism or powerlessness. Neptune is currently travelling with Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith, meeting in exact conjunction on 1 October. This connection energises our wounding around who or what we trust, especially in relationship to our self. It calls us to embrace our innate vulnerability at new levels. (There’s more to come on these themes of trust with vulnerability in another blog later in September) Neptune in its shadow represents the archetype of victim consciousness – giving away the power to be oneself to another, or ‘to the universe’ rather than fully being here in a body in co-creation with the Life that we are.

This year’s long journey with trust is now coming to its peak, with the above three planets coming into their final connections of this particular phase. It’s a gathering up of our learning around expansion and contraction, living with vision and making that real, living as consciousness engaging our human challenges. Key periods so far have been January, April and June. You may see themes running through your experience in those months that point towards this next phase? The key uplift of this planetary synergy is about deepening trust in your process or journey, trust in your capacities or the growing of them through experience, trust in Life even if (especially if) you do not understand what’s happening. The shadow of these aspects, simply put, expresses as the attempt to control our experience, self, shadow, or life (as if we can) or to escape it.

To trust fully we need to gather our energies, embody the consciousness that we truly are at deepening levels, become present and engage life. Our experience over the next few months will reveal exactly what that means to each of us as individuals. It’s time to claim the gift of your maturing self.

Key dates & astrological aspects:

18 September: Saturn stations direct

21 September: Jupiter squares Neptune exact (final of three)

28 September: Saturn opposes Moon’s North Node exact & conjuncts South Node (final of three)

8 November: Saturn sextiles Neptune (final of three)

27 November: Neptune station direct

2 December: Jupiter enters Capricorn until December 2020

Key questions:

What’s realistic but not fear based?

Where might the right balance lie re trust in life’s processes and my responsibility?

What might restore my faith?

Where might I be holding back? Over-extending? Deluding myself?

How does ‘living my dream’ look in my life?

What contribution am I making to collective consciousness?

How have I grown during this year? Acknowledge & celebrate!

Inspired to uncover the deeper meaning in these potent aspects and how they relate to your evolutionary journey? I invite you to book an in-depth astrology consultation to explore. I guarantee you will be inspired and supported in deepening understanding of your soul purpose with its gifts and challenges. Latest testimonial: 'Cassandra Eve is uncannily accurate with a wealth of astrological wisdom which she has integrated so deeply it’s become her own. Her insight into the spiritual and feminine is truly essential at this time in our evolution.' Enquire or book in here.

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