Living with Sensitivity

Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith has been travelling through Pisces since May. Whether we’re consciously aware of her realm or not, her energy is gracefully penetrating our lives at the moment, calling us to explore the subtleties of what we feel and intuit, dream and experience. We’re primed to feel more, to touch the numinous, to connect more tangibly with the benevolence of the universe. She’s the siren calling us to listen into mystical magical realities within us. She’s the sensitive empathic connection with the whole of life. She’s also the dark shadows of where we reject our innate vulnerability and deep-feeling or compassionate connection, simply because it feels ‘too much’.

Black Moon Lilith’s journey with Mystic Neptune over this last month has been giving us clues about opening up our hearts, allowing our consciousness to expand. This flow was a major factor in the Full Moon on 14 September and in the Jupiter/Neptune square exact on 21 September. It’s now highlighted in the Libra New Moon, coming to exact on 1 October, allowing deep exploration of where we open and where we cut off from our natural connectivity to universal consciousness. The intensity of our sensitivities and subtleties through Black Moon Lilith as our guide stays relevant until the end of the month.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces is super-sensitive, attuned to vibrations way beyond our human realm. To our human self this can be disorientating, unless we understand at deeper levels what’s calling us. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac; it’s where the self disappears into All-That-Is. It represents the spaces/frequencies/experience we cannot understand or label and put in a box. When we try to we simply get confused or overwhelmed. It’s like trying to put the ocean in a tea cup; it simply doesn’t fit. Black Moon Lilith in Pisces calls us simply to open to the vastness of the universal ocean, to allow, let go and trust. To trust that what we’re experiencing or knowing is not of this realm i.e. the human. To trust we truly are the universe flowing through human bodies. To acknowledge we have been graced to receive a taste of reality.

In the shadow of Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, dreams and reality, human and cosmic frequencies are experienced in a disconnected way. In truth we do this through choice, but the choosing may be unconscious. With this placement it’s easy to get caught up in life’s unending flow of psychic and subtle input, either mentally or emotionally. Then we get overwhelmed, leading to close-down or escape. Sometimes we do this through choosing to ‘feed’ a particular intuition or thought process. We project and create an unreal ‘reality’ and then choose to inhabit it. This leads to disconnection from our bodies and from what’s happening right now. Or we pick up a psychic signal and choose to interpret it through an old story-line, then before we know it we are lost in the past, or we close down to avoid feeling emotional pain.

With this current placement we need to be aware what subtleties we’re giving attention too through our human mind or emotions, where we’re over-thinking, trying to understand, story-making, rather than simply feeling, acknowledging and letting go. We need to be aware how we close down as protection. Not as judgment of the capacity to take care of our self, but simply in understanding how we may support our self to stay open. Staying grounded and giving oneself clear boundaries is vital. Yet this is what Pisces finds most difficult. It’s a dilemma, for openness is where we feel most alive yet it’s also where we potentially feel discomfort or pain. Our evolution here is in how we respond to the feelings we don’t want to feel – our unacknowledged pain, suffering and disconnections.

So how may we navigate this period of intensity with more consciousness? The Pisces polarity, zodiac sign Virgo, gives us some clues. Virgo is the sign of discernment. It’s where we pinpoint what we need, what we’re doing (especially mentally) and make adjustment. It’s where we refine and purify our experience, our habits, diet and lifestyle; where we learn how to best take care of our human self and sensitivities; where we recognise the healing needed. Virgo is the sign of the Priestess so it’s also where we deepen our understanding of being human within the Mystery. With conscious awareness of the Virgo polarity, the vastness of Pisces numinous connectivity can find its right place in our understanding of ‘what fits where’ and what’s a useful response to a mystifying experience. In truth we are free-flowing energy without boundary inhabiting a human vehicle. Pisces totally gets this; Virgo discernment supports. Both our energetic field and body need conscious attention and response as we open up at this time. This is our commitment to growth as conscious embodiment in what is clearly an evolutionary phase here on Earth.

Key pointers and questions to navigating this period with grace are contained in my previous blog on Black Moon Lilith in Pisces here: Nothing Is As It Seems As Black Moon Lilith remains in sensitive Pisces until late January 2020 these pointers provide direction for what is our vast mysterious evolutionary process.

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