Feeding Our Roots

For a plant to thrive its roots need to reach deep into the soil. Rooted deep in the earth a plant attains the stability to grow and reach towards the light that also feeds it. We are similar. We reach towards the light, towards the joy and enjoyment of being alive. Yet without deep rootedness in our body and our lives inevitably we are rocked by life’s ceaseless changes. Without a deep sense of connection to who we are and what’s truly important to us, like trees in a storm, we are liable to fall. Our roots are what sustain us when life throws us a curved ball. Our roots are our refuge, a place we may return to when confused, exhausted or challenged.

Scorpio is the zodiac sign where water and food reach our deepest roots. As a fixed water sign it’s where we find sustenance and stability. It’s where we discover stillness, that that sits behind all of life’s movement. It’s where we experience the deep challenge of our or another’s emotional nature yet also where we find the resourcefulness to keep on keeping on. It’s where we discover renewal after chaos or catharsis. Take a moment to imagine the rich nutrition available in the mud at the bottom of a deep lake. Yes it’s probably dank and slimy, reeking of rot, yet like a compost pile, it’s full of goodness. It’s nature’s recycling process that makes good use of everything. It’s actually life transforming and renewing itself. This is good Scorpio symbology.

We’re coming into a profound Scorpio season this year. It’s already begun but heats up - or rather pulls us profoundly inward – more fully from 31 October. The key aspect of this date is that planet of the mind, communication and travel, Mercury, stations retrograde (appears to stop and then move backwards). For us this point opens a journey of reflection, in depth exploration of desires and motivations and facing the shadows within our self and in relating. Do I hear ‘Oh no, not more stuff’? That reaction is natural. Yet if we view this process as one of fertility and renewal we may shift perspective on its potential challenges and recognise it as an opportunity.

In the Greek and Roman pantheons the God Mercury was traveller between the realms. He was the only one of the Gods who could easily traverse the heavens, earth and the underworld. As such he acts as a messenger between different aspects of our being. When Mercury is retrograde we process experience differently, particularly in the deep sign of Scorpio. The gates are open between the worlds (interesting that this Mercury retrograde starts on Samhain, now more generally known as Halloween). We have the opportunity to lift the veils and open our perception to the subtler realms that perhaps we allow to bypass us in the activity of daily life.

This year’s Scorpio season is unusually long as the Sun, Venus and Mars accompany Mercury at different times through to 3 January 2020. Such a lengthy Scorpio period provides us with a foundation to next year’s potent conjunctions. For the experience we have over the next two months, and how we respond to it, provides our focus for 2020. It’s not simply the Scorpio emphasis on death and rebirth, albeit potent enough. Scorpio ruler Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, currently in Capricorn, rules all these Scorpio phase planets. He is a major player in the 2020 conjunctions so points us towards the themes opening up now and their relevance to the 2020 shifts personally and collectively.

Scorpio and Capricorn are the two deepest signs of the zodiac. They’re both connected to self-mastery: Scorpio in terms of conscious response to our emotional world and its shadows, particularly in the root chakra survival themes of power, sexuality and money; Capricorn as the last earth sign of the zodiac, as the Shaman energy, mastery within the physical realm. Here I’d like to define what I mean by ‘mastery’: right relationship. So the core message in this ongoing phase is about cultivating a relationship of deep understanding and response to the human realm as conscious awareness. It’s about recognising that personal transformation IS collective transformation. It’s about our desire to live meaningful lives and manifest a way of being that is of service to more than oneself. The shaman holds space for the tribe. He is the link between the worlds in an embodied way. She is the weaver of magical frequency that arises naturally from the Mystery because it is ripe and right time.

So what’s a key focus for this upcoming Mercury retrograde period? How may we navigate it well? Recognising and honouring that we are the light navigating the darkness is a potent perspective for this period. Who sees the shadows? And when the light is bright aren’t the shadows blackest? Nature is the greatest teacher; this is the shaman’s way. Like a gardener we sometimes have to get in amongst the roots to sort out pests or dis-ease. We have to move our hands deep into the soil, see what is transforming, what needs pulling out or what is putting out new shoots and roots that needs feeding. Sometimes when we dive in we discover there’s treasure down there amidst the chaos of rotting leaves, dirt, and intertwining roots. As we go deeper still we may discover jewels that have been forming without our awareness of them.

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of alchemy; Capricorn the zodiac sign of growing response-ability. Together these signs are potent in their capacity for change and manifestation. When we know who we are, when we get in touch with our deepest motivations and transform them, we manifest from deeper integrity. Amidst the chaos of our current collective culture we can see opportunities are ripening. Much like a plough turns the soil to prepare for spring sowing this phase encourages us to get into the roots of the old inner paradigm. How does that look in your life? What needs rooting out? What roots and shoots need feeding and watering? It’s time to turn inward.

Key dates: Experience around these dates reveals the vital natural death and rebirth processes at play in your life. Events, communications and experience on the dates that have now past show the start of the process. With Mercury retrograde we often have to revisit a particular experience or set of circumstances three times to reveal the insight or gift. The tenacity of Scorpio & Capricorn is a support through this process. Stay with it! Like the diamond created from a piece of coal, your jewel is forming.

31 October: Mercury station retrograde conjunct Venus at 27 Scorpio

Question: What in my self or my current realm of experience needs more love and/or integrity? What new self perspective needs nourishing?

19 October, 9 November, 3 December: Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Question: What needs more honesty? How might I express that?

14/15 October, 13 November, 28-30 November: sextile Saturn in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces

Question: What naturally healthy boundaries might I need to put in place? Where might I need more compassion? What needs feeding?

20 November Mercury station direct (moving forward) at 11 Scorpio

8 December Mercury leaves his shadow zone at 27 Scorpio and enters new territory

NB Warrior Mars is still passing over the Mercury retrograde degrees until 3 January so active change may not be evident until then. It will become evident through a renewal of intention and actions you take.

Inspired to discover exactly what this Mercury retrograde period is opening in your life? The underlying meaning and how to respond to it consciously? I am offering a limited number of 30 minute ‘Feeding the Roots’ consultations. Just a few spaces available now. Enquire here.

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