A Gathering Up

2019 energies are arriving at culmination this week. We are being prepared for next year’s extraordinary potential as one of 2019 major players Mystic Neptune, strong in its own sign of Pisces, stations direct. The frequency of any planetary body is strong as it stations direct - seems to standstill from earth perspective - then picks up speed in its forward motion. This week as Neptune makes its onward journey through Pisces there’s an opportunity arising. With the mystic planet of soul extra potent that opportunity may well be a magical one. It’s a time of harvesting potential.

Neptune is the mystic planet, representing our capacity for dreams and imagination, soulfulness and inspiration, deep feeling, compassion and boundlessness. It’s where we find hope, or the sacred connection that sustains us through challenge. It’s the ocean of infinite possibility. It’s where we let go, where we dissolve into something beyond self. It’s where we forgive.

The root of the word ‘forgive’ comes from the Latin ‘perdonare’ meaning to give completely, without reservation. Forgiveness is a key quality to be aware of as we wrap up and deepen our understanding of this year’s experiences and what we may learn from them. Perhaps we see forgiveness as a mental and/or emotional letting go, as our capacity to excuse or absolve a perceived wrongdoing in our self or another?

Yet Neptune shows us a different way. For it shows us to expand beyond what the mind labels right or wrong, to recognise the wounded humanness we all carry, and to return to the truth of our sacred oneness. This is not to excuse our own or another’s perceived failings, or to deny the hurt we may feel, but to place it all in right relationship. To open and deeply feel is to heal; it is to move beyond the victim stance and to give completely, without reservation, to resolution within oneself. From inner resolution an integrated response, action or communication is then possible within one’s life or with another. We give completely to what has been in order to give without reservation to what is to come. This week Neptune is our support in that process. 2020’s extraordinary potential opens from late December. Now is the time to gather the wisdom of 2019 experience. It’s time to fully integrate what has been, in order to move forward authentically.

What or where do you need to forgive ie give fully, without restriction? Where might you be holding on within yourself or with another? What action might you need to take this week to help you move on? Can you see how holding on keeps your potential for conscious creation restricted? Neptune’s helping hand of grace is with us. The time for giving fully with love is here.

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