A Year for Self-Mastery

Once a year the planet Jupiter changes signs. We’re at that point now, where Jupiter moves its blessings from its own sign, fiery Sagittarius, into the last of the earth signs, Capricorn.

Sagittarius and Capricorn are very different signs. Where Sagittarius expands, calling and encouraging us beyond our pre-existing boundaries, Capricorn contracts, demanding the focus shift from vision to reality. Sagittarius is where we trust to luck; Capricorn is where we take responsibility to create our own. As Jupiter moves through Capricorn until 19 December 2020 there are key approaches to life that reveal the focus of opportunity and manifestation for this next year. In traditional astrology Jupiter is known as a benefic planet, or blessing giver. Let’s explore how we may ride the wave of its blessings.

Expansive Jupiter is considered to be in its fall in Capricorn. This means the frequency of Jupiter’s expansive adventurous energy is constrained by Capricorn’s demand for grounding. It sounds restrictive doesn’t it? Yet it is a potent energy for manifestation if we understand what’s required by this placement. Capricorn loves rules. It’s the sign that represents the law, karma, time and boundaries. It’s the final earth sign and therefore it’s where what we do counts. Capricorn asks that we don’t just make the journey but that we make the journey count, that we gain wisdom from the adventure of life, that we express and live that wisdom for the benefit of all. Capricorn is the sign of the shaman, the elder who holds space for the tribe. Its symbol is the sea-goat rooted in the understanding of all earth's realms from the depths of the ocean to the mountain peaks. It’s an understanding we have lost touch with in our 21st century culture where the shadow of Jupiter’s quest for more, more, faster, faster is rife. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn are signs that symbolise learning and teaching. Sagittarius grows through opportunity; Capricorn gets stuck in and grows through seems to be a challenge. Here are some pointers to the synergy of this new learning experience.

Your guiding star is authenticity

Over this next year the power of authenticity counts. The foundation of inner truth to what you are expressing and sharing matters. Jupiter in its expansive nature can get carried away into diverse belief systems and the quest for knowledge. Capricorn represents the maturity that knows where to focus. It demands that we live the wisdom, as well as express and share it. Where we don’t we will receive some profound learning. With this placement manifestation comes from being aligned with integrity. Jupiter’s opportunistic energy may feel constrained by this, yet it’s a potent learning curve about what’s really real, for you. Your best resources over this next year are the inner ones; the ones you’ve grown. Jupiter says ‘Trust them’.

Working for Abundance

The planet Jupiter is the largest planet in our universe. Its gas-filled body could contain the other planets with ease. As such its energy represents the opportunity for abundance. In earthy Capricorn Jupiter abundance comes from commitment to our ideals. Its opportunity is the fulfillment of a vision you’ve been energising this year perhaps? Now the journey deepens. For many of us 2019 has been a year of shedding. This continues through 2020 but with a key difference. Jupiter’s presence in Capricorn reveals where we now need to work for abundance; to commit, focus and make the opportunity happen. Not through force or control, but through simply living it - living the knowing that what each of us does, how each of us lives, contributes to the collective experience here on Earth. This placement opens up the synergy of enthusiasm with application, far-reaching vision with focus, self-belief with humility and the stretch for greater maturity.

Who’s in charge?

Capricorn energy is about authority – yours and others. The mundane archetype for Capricorn is the boss. This begs the question ‘Who’s in charge?’ That question may appear in your life during this next year and certainly calls for mature response. Perhaps it's to realise that living truth is? If anything? Yet the real key to 'Who's in charge?' lies in the inner world, in the deeper quest for what’s really guiding you. Capricorn represents our life structures and boundaries, where we conform or not, and what we’re conforming to. It represents the beliefs that say ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’. If habits and belief structures are running your life, this year’s quest is to find a more truthful conscious response-ability for your life. Wherever the challenges arise a key question might be ‘ What’s the consciously mature response here?’ Jupiter might want to blast its way through those restrictions of belief, or simply dismiss them; Capricorn knows there is a harvest to be claimed from them.

Shadow Zones

Capricorn energy is strong through 2020. As Jupiter enters this final earth sign it joins Lord of the Underworld Pluto (in Capricorn 2008-2024) and Wise Elder Saturn (in Capricorn 2017-December 2020) making potent conjunctions with both planets (much more to come on this later this month). The shadow zones of our lives and within the collective are starkly highlighted right now and will continue to be so through 2020. Purely so we may grow response-ability for what we are creating.

Key shadow zones to be aware of, especially within oneself:

  • Believing (& acting as if) the end justifies the means

  • Taking shortcuts; trusting to luck

  • Belief in fears & doubts, or ‘authority figures’ rather than authenticity

  • Judgment rather than understanding

  • Over-working, taking on too much

  • Controlling rather than focus and clear boundaries

  • The arrogance of thinking you know

  • Discounting natural rhythms and the wisdom of right timing

As Jupiter moves into Capricorn on 2 December the first few weeks of its sojourn in new realms is highlighted by a square to Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Aries and a trine to Awakener Uranus in Taurus (exact 9 & 15 December). These aspects open up the key themes of Jupiter’s year long stay in Capricorn for each of us. They are timely meetings that awaken us to the opportunity for real grace, ease and potency in embodying finer frequencies of Being as a living reality through this next year. It’s a gift… and it’s time to claim it.

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