A Touch of Magic

There’s a touch of magic in the air … if you’re open to it. And it has nothing to do with the festive season. It’s coming in from the universe and we’re the recipients. Are you ready?

This week’s Full Moon in the sign of Gemini (full at 05.12GMT Thursday 12 December) is full of sparkle. Fresh, expansive and communicative, it’s a Moon for inspiration and enthusiasm, making new connections inside and in your life. Within less than 24 hours – 03.47GMT tomorrow to be precise – Rainbow Bridge planet Chiron stations direct at 1 Aries. A station direct means the planet is about to change direction to move forward. With Chiron that means paradox rules the waves. And the recognition of paradox is a key perspective that opens this touch of magic.

If you’re reading this blog it’s likely you’re very familiar with paradox. If we’re awake to our true nature it’s a requirement. New physics is filled with paradox. Wave or particle? It seems the core of life is both/and rather than either/or. Paradox is a key to living consciously – for can you say without any shadow of doubt that you are only a human being? Probably not? For to be an awakened human is to recognise that we are more than human. This is where Chiron reigns. Chiron is a centaur dwarf planet, known also as ‘wounded healer’. He represents both the wound of being human (however that looks) and its healing or integration. He’s the bridge that enables us to know we’re more than human. His realm covers the whole of our experience, from our places of suffering, disconnect and pain to the compassionate balm of divine grace. The energetic gift of Chiron is to realise the paradox of being both human and divine. For that’s where the magic happens.

How would your life look different if you were to view every form in it – from your self with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, quirks, problems, gifts and challenges, to the people in your life – simply as energy? Energy vibrating at different frequencies of fluidity and density, energy that is constantly flowing, moving and changing, if we are open enough to allow it to? It would change everything wouldn’t it? For when we see the whole of our experience and everything in it as energy, magic happens. For we loosen up the ties that bind us and respond to what happens as it happens with freshness.

Chiron is currently traversing the sign of Aries, first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the sign of ego. It’s the sign of new beginnings too. It’s about a fresh direct response. As Chiron stations direct to venture further into this first of the fire signs, there’s an opportunity to see yourself anew, to embrace the paradox of being human and divine in every-changing synergy. As we move towards the weekend this possibility is further enhanced by a positive connection between Blessing-giver Jupiter in Capricorn and Awakener Uranus in Taurus, both in connection to Chiron. Their opportunistic meeting adds depth and grounding to Chiron’s shift. Taken together, these aspects herald the magical opportunity of an uplift beyond our existing conditioned state of being human. There’s an element of choice in this – for we live on a planet of free will and we have to be open for change to land fully. It’s certainly an opportune time to choose wisely. Key question: Where might a shift of perspective to one of energy and infinite potential awaken new life in you? Where might that shift open both you and your life up to a touch of magic?


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