Renewal Anyone?

Our human capacity for renewal is alive and potent. As we mature the body is naturally and constantly regenerating itself. Over a lifetime it’s a mirror of nature in all its seasons. The potential of psychological and spiritual growth is always with us. The calling to change and evolve, although at times daunting, is why we are here perhaps?

When the New Year comes our focus turns naturally to new beginnings. The fresh new slate of the year shines like a beacon of hope for life to be different. Discovering the incoming frequencies of universal energy at these pivotal times supports our understanding of the year’s growth themes. With 2020 this is even more vital. We’re facing a benchmark year. The calling to engage our capacity for renewal both personally and collectively is crucial. There are so many demands that we change. ‘Evolve to survive’ is the most vital demand collectively. ‘Evolve to thrive’ is the pointer in our lives individually.

2020 starts with some dynamic awakening points. This cycle begins right at the end of 2019 actually – 05.13GMT on 26 December to be precise - with an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn (think super-charged New Moon). Eclipses act as stimulants for change, butt-kickers and awakening points. The alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth heightens the new beginning focus of new moon energy, revealing exactly where the change point is for each of. With this Eclipse in Capricorn (the sign with major focus for us all, all year) it’s about our capacity for expansion beyond the ‘norm’, to step up in maturity and engage conscious response-ability. It sounds serious doesn’t it? And it is. Yet we are graced with support from the planet of expansion Jupiter and the Awakener planet Uranus. The interaction of the Eclipse point with these two planets will open the way. The necessary change will be obvious and accessible, as long as we’re willing. New beginnings anyone?

The late December Eclipse opens the growth themes for 2020. This ‘hand up’ from new frequencies heralds a year of dynamic opportunity with peaks in January, March/April, July & November, coming to culmination at the Winter Solstice 2020(northern hemisphere). Dynamism is a key word for 2020, as are the qualities of trust and opening to the gracious support of soul. The extremes of 2019 find more traction during 2020 as tension cedes to synergy. The potency is in more focus yet also more flow, in doing the work yet letting go, in key shifts then periods of rest, reflection and integration. The Deep Sacred energies come to the fore in major planetary alignments through 2020. Her voice is calling loud and clear to be heard. It’s time for women to engage, express and demand that Sacred Feminine wisdom be honoured in all aspects of life. It starts with us. Life will reveal the way.

Whatever takes place over the Christmas period through 10-12 January is your portal for the year. Key awareness for the whole year is held in these pointers:

  • Opportunities arise though ‘doing the work’, both inner and through commitment to being truly authentic

  • Trusting the process; trust yourself in the process

  • Commitment to the practices and activities that feed your soul

  • Opening up and allowing Grace to reach you

We truly do live in amazing times. The challenges of evolution are huge but so are the possibilities. This year it’s time to commit in a new way.

To discover more about 2020’s opportunities and challenges I invite you to check out 2020 podcast series ‘A Radical Responsibility for Life’ or book an in-depth astrology consultation here.

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