Bursting with Life?

Are you bursting with life? Are you being your fullest most free self? Are you living the razor’s edge of your greatest potential? Challenging questions perhaps? And there is no real answer… for if you’re reading this blog these questions and answers are already alive in you. You’re already walking the fine line of consciously being divinely human. Yet there’s always more, and the daring to be more …. This is where current astrology points us deeper.

The zodiac sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s the energy of Spring Equinox when day and night are of equal length but the light is rising. It’s the dynamic uprising of spring’s seeds opening, new shoots and buds unfurling, birds and animals performing courtship rituals and mating. It’s fire; the heat of the moment; the power of intention and the courage to simply start. In the zodiac wheel it’s the place of ego - me myself or I expressing as initiative, the pioneering spirit of self-confidence, courage and daring. Aries reveals our wild edges of risk. Spring’s powerful uprising reveals our own potential… the creative edge that calls us to begin, burst forth, to move, to act.

Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith has just crossed the threshold into Aries. Her entry into the first fire sign marks the start of a new nine year zodiac cycle for this shadowy but potent Feminine archetype. Black Moon Lilith is a power point in astrology that reveals the potential to evolve our understanding of the human shadow and the power held therein. Portrayed through mythology as witch and mother of demons, Lilith stands as the Dark Mother, the power of creation/destruction, feared by men and women alike. Both in her mythology and astrology Lilith’s hidden face contains themes of rejection, shame, personal and collective themes of control and repression of women. She represents the disowned qualities in us that seek acceptance, acknowledgment and love. Her astrological placement reveals our deepest shadows. She reveals where the face of the Feminine is most dishonoured and where we may rebel or recoil inward against that: our wildness, our unreserved ‘no’ and our fullest most passionate ‘yes, our ferocious surrender into the flow of passion, our utter abandonment in life’s pleasures, our demand to not be controlled, contained or shut down, and our utter rejection of the familiar ‘you’re just too much’. Where Black Moon Lilith plays we are called to claim and transmute our deepest denials and the fullest power to simply be who we are as unfettered Feminine power. She’s not an easy energy ….but who wants easy? How about magnificent?

The astrological placement of Black Moon Lilith often reveals wild card energy in our lives, It’s the place we feel exposed, out of control or lacking in some way. In most women her energy naturally moves inward, into the shadows. She’s the wound we place and nurture within ourselves as unacceptable. Yet this inner rawness seethes and bubbles seeking redemption. Sometimes it arises unbidden as fierce and raw rage or it may seep deeper inward as toxic shame, self denial, depression or self-abuse. Through embracing deeply our personal challenges around sexuality, rage and self-rejection we reach her core, the innate beauty and majesty of the Feminine behind her mask. It is through journeying with her consciously that the expansion of our self-understanding grows to embrace the darkness within the human psyche, both personal and cultural. In claiming her darkness we begin to recognise where we’ve locked ourselves in a prison that cuts off our aliveness. Once unveiled we realise Black Moon Lilith is a source of tremendous creative power. This power is impersonal. In fact she demands we give over the source of power to the Great Mother.

Aries Black Moon Lilith in her purity is the vibrant spark of new life emerging from the void; the instinctual knowing that simply acts; the creative impulse that moves from the deep without forethought; the push of birth that takes us beyond the known. When consciously connected to her potency through shadow transformation and spiritual practice, we know the creative impulse of the universe moving through us freely. When disconnected, or when the deep shadows of self have been denied or repressed, she expresses through the rampant risk-taking and willfulness of ego’s false self-assertion, the demand of ‘me first’ that comes from a core lack of self-worth, or she’s the victim stance that won’t take risks, that plays through naiveté or ‘poor me’. When out of balance Aries energy may express through an excess or deficit of self - force of will, competition and the need to win, frustration or anger, and the negative shadows of deep unworthiness, impatience, hopelessness and quitting too soon.

Black Moon Lilith is an experiential energy, particularly in Aries. Just like the upward and outward thrust of spring’s dynamism, she needs to move. In Aries it is only in action that we discover her, both as pure creation or its shadow. The Dark Feminine energy in Aries requires we get out of our own way to be a vessel for the pure creative impulse. When we do, the shadows that seem to inhibit our fullest aliveness naturally begin to open. These are the places we have allowed the wild fierce aspects of our Feminine nature to be sanitised, spiritualised, even demonised. Is it any wonder we are tired? When so many are keeping the fullness of our life force down? These so-called dark aspects of our nature are pure life force when the repressive hand of patriarchal thinking (in both men and woman), judgments, shame, denial and abuse are removed. Do we judge the natural power of a storm as wrong? The dynamic thrust of spring as ‘too much’? The intensity of a lightning bolt as too dynamic? The power within nature is natural within us too isn’t it? Think about the roar of a birthing mother? It’s as natural as breathing is it not? And doesn’t our world need this Feminine creative potency right now?

As Black Moon Lilith moves through Aries she meets with Goddess of Love Venus exact on 9 February and Rainbow Bridge Chiron on 3 March, staying in orb until the end of March. There’s potential magic in these meetings, right through February and March, where the rawness of our wounds may be seen and held in the healing light of pure consciousness, where we are empowered to be more ourselves, without justification, reservation or judgment. These deep wounds in Aries are where we’ve cut off from pure aliveness, our right to simply be ourselves, as we are, without need of improvement or containment. The magic alive in these potentials is to reconnect with the freedom and joy of our instinctual sense, to rediscover trust in the simplicity of living life fully now (not in some dream of an enlightened future).

To claim the power of these potent moments we have to be brave, to claim our wholeness beyond ideas about right and wrong, to speak up, to rightly protect, to act. Hesitation will fail, as will playing safe. With Messenger Mercury retrograde in Pisces during this period if we think we are lost. Instinct, intuition, belly knowing and trust are the guides through this power doorway. Loving acceptance of our perceived failings and mishaps is essential. Patience with our self is vital. In Aries it’s only in action that we discover more consciously. As we simply act, we see more clearly; we learn and grow; we recognise new life is only known in fully freely claiming it. To be fully free is our birthright; to be fully oneself is our birthright. Is it time to let go the false sense of self that says you can’t, mustn’t shouldn’t, what if, tomorrow? Black Moon Lilith in Aries suggests it is. Do you dare?

Key elements of Black Moon Lilith in Aries:

  • Travel on fresh new paths

  • Let instinct be your guide. Listen to intuition. Nose to the ground.

  • Give yourself permission

  • Be courageous. Forego your comfortable doubts, fears and identity

  • Drop self-questioning and analysis. Simply act. Trust.

  • If you’d do it for another why not for yourself?

  • Explore your wildness, fierceness, your edges – in the body. Dance!

  • Where’s your fire?

Black Moon Lilith stays in Aries until 21 October 2020. She’s strong through February and March and plays a full role in the major planetary alignments through this year, especially in August and September. It’s time to get to know your wild free self, to claim full aliveness. If you’d like to explore this more fully in your unique birth-chart do get in touch.

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