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The planet Mercury rules the mind and its activity of research, questioning, planning and organisation, along with communication and travel. At 00.54GMT on Monday 17 February Mercury starts the first of its 2020 retrograde journeys at 12 Pisces. This means from the perspective of our Earth the planet of forward motion appears to be moving backwards for three weeks.

There’s lots of bad press about Mercury retrograde. It’s wise to distrust the absolute nature of this perspective for it pertains more to our goal-orientated cultural worldview than our natural rhythms. Think of the natural seasonal adjustments we make for winter, if we do. Mercury retrograde mirrors this requirement. It is a time to slow down, reflect, review and reimagine. It’s time to replenish, for a more inward rhythm, for the brain is receiving universal frequencies in a different way. During Mercury retrograde the right hemisphere functions of the brain are more active; so dreaming, creative imagination, going with the flow, soulfulness and meditation are highlighted. The mind is not functioning well in its rational logical capacity. Hence the retrograde bad press of ‘don’t travel or sign contracts’. This is especially true with Mercury appearing to travel backwards in the watery final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. It’s certainly wise to be extra aware in double-checking plans over this period. Pisces energy can miss the details in its big picture orientation and with Mercury’s retrograde our tendencies to trust to luck rather than double-check will be exacerbated. Nonetheless this retrograde period is a good one in terms of the supportive aspects it makes. We’re building trust in the bigger picture. The potential is to allow the flow of what inspires or motivates us soulfully to guide us into a new place.

The zodiac sign Pisces provides us with clues to the themes for this period. One of the key Pisces qualities is soul connection. It’s the zodiac sign of consciousness, oceanic space, oneness, inspiration, sensitivity and flow. Pisces is the letting go sign where we simply allow our self to step into the unknown, to be guided from our connectivity to the inner depths of our soul connection. Letting go requires that we trust, that we recognise our futile attempts to control our self, others or life. Letting go seems to imply powerlessness but it’s actually where we recognise our humanness doesn’t have the answers. It’s where we connect to the true power of the universe that we already are. In allowing answers to arise from the deep we may relax, recognising that everything has its own right timing. That timing may not be what we think it is or want it to be. This is about not struggling against the tide until it turns.

Trust is a choice. Trust is a choice that allows us to open, relax and enjoy life rather than micro-manage everything. When we trust and allow the natural process of our questions or inspirations to emerge, life becomes effortless. I’ll give a clear example of how this has worked recently in my own life. A few weeks ago I had an inspiration to share something new on International Women’s Day but had no idea what that might be. Rather than try to force the inspiration open I let it rest in my heart. I was allowing it to incubate, trusting that either I would know at some point, or an opportunity would come along. Just a week ago I received an invitation to participate in an International Women’s Day event that will reach over 100,000 women. I knew this opportunity was my inner inspiration appearing in form. It’s taking me somewhere I could not have possibly imagined. I had no idea of the existence of this event until it appeared in my Inbox. Effortless on my part … yet it did require letting go, trust and allowing the possibility of that inspiration to take form. It has required action as it’s emerged, a stretch into the birthing process. That action has unfolded naturally and without effort, as it’s the right timing. There is no doubt that this opportunity is in alignment with my soul calling.

Where do you need to make a conscious choice to let go and trust your soul, your higher calling? Where you make that choice this Mercury retrograde period provides very supportive aspects to open doors into new life. The period 26-29 February in particular opens the doors of revelation and inspiration. This is an inward opening. After Mercury stations direct on 9 March, particularly 20-22 March (Equinox time) when it’s in the third phase of supportive alignments with the Moon’s Nodes of karma and destiny and Awakener Uranus, the way forward with that renewal is clear. For now it’s time to relax, allow life to carry you forward whilst you simply take care of your day-to day responsibilities, whilst you continue to give to what’s already here and commit to the plans you have already made… gently, gently, step by step. Rest when you need to, stop when you feel to, let go, let go, it’s all being taken care of…. The bigger picture of your soul’s journey is coming; in fact it’s already here. Your part is taken care of in trusting deeper, in allowing it to emerge.

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