As Above, So Below

The further we travel into the outermost reaches of our universe, the deeper is the opportunity to dive into our inner nature. As above, so below: as without, so within. In other words, the universe reflects our inner nature and vice versa. Planets reflect our inner energies (gifts, natural talents, challenges and opportunities, unfinished business) and their evolution; they also reflect our collective possibilities.

The discovery of new planets opens new potentials in our relationship to our self, each other and our world. The discovery of Uranus in 1781 heralded the themes of freedom, revolution and innovation. In our world this new energy was seen through the American and French revolutions and the advent of the industrial revolution. By the time of the discovery of Neptune in 1846, our evolutionary path was speeding up. Interest in the realms of spirit beyond traditional religion was growing. Slavery was being abolished. With the discovery of Pluto in 1930, a new requirement of our consciousness opened: namely the growing requirement for responsibility with the power of creation and destruction, in our own lives and collectively. Pluto is also known as Lord of the Underworld. Events in the 1930’s show what was unleashed at that time. It’s evident. What is less apparent perhaps is that when we harnessed the capacity to split the atom we directly connected with the power of the quantum world, where the potential for creation and destruction lies. We can see without any effort how that evolutionary demand for responsibility is now heightened to a critical point.

In more recent decades we have discovered planetary objects that don’t follow the usual patterns of the traditional planets orbit around the Sun. These dwarf planets, asteroids and Kuiper belt objects reflect new spheres of consciousness available within us. There are too many to mention here but four in particular are arising for deeper understanding over this next few weeks, indeed the whole of 2020. They are Wounded Healer Chiron, dwarf planet Eris, Goddess of Discord, Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith, a point connected to Earth-Moon-Sun and Chariklo, a Centaur minor planet. These planetary bodies are major players in an upcoming period of intensity. Dates are below. The themes opened run through this whole year, with a repeat of potent growth opportunities in autumn.

Wounded Healer Chiron, discovered in 1977 and currently in Aries, reflects the place of paradox or dilemma within us and in our lives. Chiron stands for the ‘both/and’ of life. Its energy shows us how we are both divine and human, energy systems with physical bodies. It rules those events, circumstances, inner shadows we cannot resolve easily, except to keep offering up the dilemma to our higher power. Chiron is a magician; it opens the places we suffer to the balm of healing through surrender and trust. Eventually what we cannot control, manage or fix becomes resolved; often when we have grown enough. Chiron has a reputation for offering mystical solutions that seem to come from nowhere. In truth, when this happens, it is surrender that has opened our consciousness into a new frequency. We move on inwardly. We grow, very naturally changing the external circumstance through finer yet more embodied consciousness.

Dwarf planet Eris, resides on the outer edges of our universe in the Kuiper Belt. She’s known through Greek mythology as Goddess of Discord yet at core her energy is about revelation, particular when it comes to the shadow. Eris was discovered in 2005 so astrologers are still researching the deeper meaning of her contribution to our awareness. Her mythology shows us she holds the energy of catalyst. Eris is also connected to instinctual response or reaction, our animal nature and its shadows. She’s about what’s natural in us and how we integrate that in our lives in finer frequencies, including our connection, or lack of it, to our Earth. Eris energy is strong right through this year, involved in all the major planetary alignments.

Black Moon Lilith is the Dark Feminine archetype connected to the wounds of inequality, feelings of rejection and humiliation about our femaleness, deep shame, particularly in sexuality. She shows us what we reject in our self, and particularly in our femaleness, because it has not been honoured as precious, or respected as invaluable to our world. Known as first wife of Adam, Lilith lies at the core of our gender relationships. She’s the demand, the intense calling in woman not only for equality but for recognition of her divinity. Lilith is the compelling desire for sacred union yet she’s also the place we reject it through rage or shame.

The key dates for the meetings of these planetary bodies, 25 February to 13 March, are detailed below. They occur in first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Aries is the fire sign of initiation, initiative, will and action. It’s the sign of beginnings and ignition. It's where we instinctually respond or react. We all have Aries in our charts somewhere so this direct fiery energy will be playing out in some aspect of your life. Aries gifts are about being bold, direct and courageous. It’s about blazing a new trail, spontaneity and risk, being the leader in your life, or the wounding that seems to prevent that. Whilst the focus is on Aries there is also a linking by aspect with Capricorn. Capricorn represents the support structures that enable our lives and work to run smoothly, our desire to achieve and how we go about it, the places we control or are controlled. Capricorn is about authority – our own, derived from our connection to inner truth or what we feel is the power of others – the boss, the system, the law.

Lord of the Underworld Pluto, Wise Elder Saturn and Blessing-giver Jupiter are all traversing Capricorn this year. Their combined calling is to transmute those life structures that no longer truly support us. It’s about more response-able authenticity, both personally and collectively. My 2020 podcast series highlights these placements in much more depth than is possible here. Yet I’d like to mention minor planet Chariklo as strongly highlighted in this current line-up too. Chariklo is in the asteroid class of Centaurs. She is a wonderfully soft and magical feminine archetype, connecting us to flow and our capacity to transmute our self into finer vibrations. She guides the mystic processes of metamorphosis that embody deeper love. Chariklo plays a gentler yet deeply potent role in the current Capricorn growth phase of mature response-ability.

Key themes of these planetary connections:


Making a stand for what’s truly important. Validating what’s true for you.

Just do it: taking action, stepping forward

Just say it: allowing natural response/reaction to take place without resistance or judgment and following its thread of growth step by step

Perspective shift: recognising the ‘wound’, however uncomfortable, is the key to transmutation

New empowered responses: a full ‘Yes’ or a clear ‘No’.


Self sabotage: procrastination, trying to work it out, allowing fears or doubts to rule

Controlling or stuffing anger, not supporting oneself

Self judgment

Allowing others to control, power issues

Hiding or indulging in the deep shadows that are seeking revelation and transmutation

Explore this current and ongoing phases in greater depth, including the planetary archetypes, through my 2020 podcast series ‘A Radical Responsibility For Life’ here.

The astrology of this period:

25 February : The Moon in Aries activates Chiron conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 3 Aries

27 February: The Moon activates Goddess of Love Venus conjunct Eris, Goddess of Discord at 22/23 Aries

28 February: Goddess of Love Venus exact conjunction to Eris, Goddess of Discord at 23 Aries & square Lord of the Underworld Pluto at 24 Capricorn, in orb until 4 March

29 February: The Moon conjunct Awakener Uranus at 3 Taurus

3 March: Goddess of Love Venus at 28 Aries square Chariklo & Wise Elder Saturn in Capricorn at 27/28 Capricorn

4 March: Chiron conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 4 Aries exact, in orb until early April

8 March: Goddess of Love Venus conjunct Awakener Uranus at 3 Taurus

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