The Power in Gratitude

We’re coming to a series of astrological gateways, marked by two planets in conjunction. This meeting takes place every 34 years so it’s a rarity, experienced twice in a lifetime if you’re fortunate. ‘Fortunate’ is an apt word for one of this pair. Jupiter is regarded as one of the beneficent planets, whereas its partner in this dance is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, with a different reputation altogether.

Every astrological aspect simultaneously exists on a range of frequencies from its purest expression to its densest within its particular archetypal themes. How we receive, respond or react to its energies will inform how that aspect expresses and manifests in our life individually and with the major aspects, collectively. What one will see as opportunity cloaked in the robes of challenge, another may see as ‘terrible’. It depends on our level of consciousness, belief systems, emotional patterning etc. And of course this is the planet of free will so we have the choice to respond or react in the ways we choose. Whether we choose consciously or not is yet another layer isn’t it? Nonetheless we are presented with gateways right now. They flow through this year from 4 April to 30 June to 12 November. How might we see these gateways? This is where planetary signposts are helpful. If we explore keywords and phrases for each planet and the sign they’re meeting in, we can see a plethora of possibilities for this line-up.

Jupiter, known as Blessing-giver, keywords: expansion; magnification; wisdom; knowledge; big picture; extremes; drive; quest or journey; exploration; education & study; visionary; religion; philosophy; teacher or guru; adventure; passionate; good fortune; opportunity; goals; morals; faith; joy; future; gratitude; free spirit.

Shadow keywords: trusting to luck; arrogance; getting carried away; fundamentalist

Pluto, known Lord of the Underworld, keywords: intensity; extremes; truth-seeking; transformative; death & rebirth; the phoenix; commitment; surrender to truth; perception; deep feeling; passionate; soul connection; courageously facing the shadow; penetrating; regenerative; sexual; desire; power.

Shadow keywords: obsessive; self-sabotage; unforgiving, secretive, driven.

The zodiac sign of Capricorn keywords: achievement; wisdom; success; the system; father; authority; the law; integrity; the shaman; maturity; structure, boundaries; responsibility; endurance; determination; the elder, strength; resourcefulness, the challenge of limitation; growing up; contribution; play by the rules; patience; social contribution, manifestation, building; time.

Shadow keywords: control; ruthlessness; abuse of power; the ends justify the means; the system; contraction, capitalism.

Given that the aspect between Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn is a conjunction we’re talking about a merging of energies, the synergy of two frequencies creating a new expression, potentially an embodiment of a new quality within oneself and/or manifestation of a new adventure in consciousness. Have a play! What keyword combinations do you come up with? What feels appropriate right now? In terms of expansion and growth? In terms of transformation? For me, given our current circumstances, 'building the power of gratitude' is a phrase that powerfully contributes to transmuting my daily challenges. Not in denial of them but to support my embracing and transmuting them. How about you? What about the 'intensity of exploring boundaries'? Or the 'philosophy of soul connection within the challenge of limitation'? What keyword combination speaks to you? Remember: this planetary meeting opens a series of portals that take us through to 12 November. It’s a big shift, one of many. As we’re already seeing in our world, nothing will ever be the same again. Choose well for your future and that of humanity.

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