Cost from £550 

5 nights half board 

Early bird in twin share room booked & paid by

10 December 2019

Sole occupancy also available

Instalment option is available on full price booking

The Pure Fire of Your Radiance

Igniting the Flame of the Deep Sacred Feminine in You


4 day residential retreat in Granada, Spain

27 February - 3 March 2020 

Feminine radiance is an innate frequency of authenticity, a fire of engagement in life’s full expression, weaving its thread through all our experience, from light to dark and back again. It is self-fulfilling, naturally arising from deep self-knowing

and self-love. 

On this 4 day/5 night retreat we will explore Feminine radiance, how it is your innate state of being, calling to express fully in your life. We will explore how we lock up its pure fire through out-moded beliefs or judgments we have taken on about what it is to be ‘woman’. The astrology of the retreat timing is significant for this exploration as we enter a phase of fiery initiation, focused on where we are wounded in self- confidence and free direct expression. These opening energies encompass some of the dark fiery and free archetypes of the Deep Sacred Feminine.


We will be staying in very comfortable apartments in Albaicin, the medieval quarter of Granada, with direct views to the Alhambra. Our apartments are in a beautiful medieval square. We will be visiting the Alhambra together plus there will be plenty free time to explore this beautiful part of Granada within the retreat schedule.


NB Eco Policy: TreeSisters receives a donation from Whole Woman for each retreat participant. This helps offset flight fuel emissions.

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The Abundant Feminine 

Awakening Love, Intimacy, Being through Venus Immersion 


4 night residential retreat

North Cornwall

31 May - 4 June 2020 

Cost from £495

4 nights half board 

Early bird in twin share room booked & paid by

22 February 2020

Sole occupancy also available

Instalment option is available on full price booking

On this retreat we will journey into the discovery of the full feel-good of life. That feel-good is held in connection to our Deep Sacred Feminine energies and it opens when we engage the truth of who we are, as That, at core.  So many of us have been taught to strive and struggle in life rather than rest deeply in our always-already-available natural fertile potential. The power of receptivity is our Feminine core. Our guide into that core is Venus Goddess of Love. She reveals to us the power in our receptivity, how as women we are the natural portals for the birth of new life, creative power and abundance on Earth. In acknowledging and understanding how this creative power moves through us, how we gestate and birth it, we are gifted in deeper self-love, in trust of our natural rhythms and soul purpose.


Venus energy is strong during the late spring of 2020, particularly during our retreat period when she aligns with the Sun, seeding new potentials for the next eight year cycle. This alignment naturally connects and attunes us to the evolutionary shift required to engage the next light frequency of the Abundant Feminine.

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Cost from €900 

9 nights with brunch & dinner

Early Bird Price

in twin share room booked 

& paid by 1 June 2020

Sole occupancy also available

but limited so book early.

Instalment option is available on full price booking

I invite you to join us in a journey into the Heart’s deepest calling, in natural discovery of your core nature within the Deep Sacred Feminine. On this retreat we will open a profound shared space of devotion and love, engaging the soft radiance of inner tenderness and the fire of passion, opening our consciousness and hearts in the wonder of renewal. Priestess Vesta is one of our guides for this rich sacred immersion, our tending of the Heart flame. She is one of the ancient guardians and guides of the Sacred Feminine.


Engaging in this deep Heart space together we will journey in the power of infinite possibility that opens when we engage the truth of who we are at core. Change happens naturally from this connected space, without effort, simply because we’re all resting in the deep. The power of receptivity is our Feminine core; as you open in deeper trust of the Heart so new frequencies of creative power emerge. Attunement to your inner compass of self love and authenticity then begins to radiate through you.


Inspired? Come along & discover the deeper Heart available within you!

The Heart's Calling 

Polishing the Mirror of Your Heart

8 day residential retreat

Orizon Center for Life & Creation, Crete

6 - 15 September 2020 

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